Do you need to get that bug bite checked out?

During the summer bugs are around every corner. They often mind their business, but they can cause a great deal of discomfort. Common bites from mosquitos, ants and flies can be remedied with calamine lotion, lavender essential oil or antihistamine medication. However, bites from other bugs like spiders and fire ants may need immediate medical attention. Read on to find out how to treat your bug bite.

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When it comes to protecting yourself from pesky insects, bug spray is a given. Instead of purchasing a chemical-filled product, try whipping up your own bug spray. Making bug spray is easy and cost-effective. Try this DIY:All Natural Bug Spray from Hello Glow.

Itching and redness is normal, but excessive pain and skin discoloration indicates a possibly poisonous bite. If you have a bite or mark you're worried about, read this article to find out if you need medical attention. When in doubt, get it checked out.


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Treatments vary depending on the type and size of your bite. For minor bites, apply a clean ice pack to the bite for up to 20 minutes. This will reduce swelling and soothe pain. Follow this with calamine lotion or homemade bug bite balm. Stick on a bandage to prevent yourself from scratching the bite.

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by Julia Bonney | 5/24/2018