Why you should *never* stay up all night

Summer is all about the late nights, right? Whether you and your camp roomie can't stop chatting or you're having a serious Netflix binge, staying up all night is way worse than you think. Sure, you might not have school in the morning, but it can still throw off your system in a major way. Keep reading to find out why you should flick off the lights, before the clock strikes midnight. 

You can get sick. 
When you don't sleep enough (or, uh, in this case, at all) your immune system is weaker. That means you're more likely to catch that summer cold, or worse. Who wants to stay in bed on vacation, from one night when you didn't wanna catch a wink?

It messes up your sleep cycle.
Your body goes through different phases while you snooze (REM, anyone?). After pulling an all-nighter, you wrack up sleep debt. That basically means you're super sleep deprived. Which means when you try to go to bed tonight? Your snoozing is still gonna be messed up, even though you're totally exhausted. 

Your brain might be zonked for a bit.
When you wake up after not sleeping well, sometimes you'll feel confused, groggy or maybe even forget where you are. This is even more common when you wake up the first time after an all-nighter. But that blah feeling can last all day. Who wants that?

It takes longer than a day to recover. 
Even though we know you'll sleep eventually, it takes longer than one good night's rest to get back on track. That means you might feel groggy for a couple days. You might not have anything to do tomorrow, but you could still feel meh for your shift at work the following day. Yikes.

Turn off the light and call it a night. You'll feel way better in the morning.


by Aly Prouty | 7/16/2018