Pure Barre DVD

Wanna tighten your tush and further your flexibility? The ballet and Pilates-inspired Pure Barre DVD may be perfect for your prezzie wish list.


This 55-minute workout starts with strength training to tone your arms. I was sweating within five minutes. That’s when the way-fit (and super encouraging) instructor/inventor of the technique, Carrie, told me the warm-up was over. Uh oh!
The rest of the DVD has you doing micro-movements on a mat and barre (I used the back of a chair) to firm up abs, butt, thighs, hips and arms. Confession: these little leg lifts left my muscles shaking! It seems like your bod is barely moving but, boy, do you feel it.
The DVD stays true to its “pure” title—it’s all work and no frills. There’s no bumpin’ music, backup dancers or fancy camera tricks. Frankly, the exercise is so on-point you won’t miss the extras. Or at least I didn’t.
Pure Barre left me motivated to do more, like cardio, which the DVD lacked. On the up side, it’s affordable ($20 bucks) and when the DVD’s done, you’ll instantly feel uplifted. Or at least I did. Its ballet-babe ways left me wishing for a leotard and leggings, but I think that sugar plum dream is gonna have to wait! 

by GL | 2/1/2016