4 fun ways to get your workout on (minus the gym)


So you’ve been working out and your go-to routine is making you yawn more than it’s making you sweat. Now what? Falling into a workout routine is a dangerous place to be. And if you want to keep burning those cals and start getting stronger, you should probably consider switching things up. From zombie chasing motivational games to putting a twist on traditional moves, here's some super fun workouts that will get your heart racing in no time. Plus, they’re super easy to do so you don’t even need hit the gym!





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    Squats for Songs

    We all know that squats are super good for you, but let's be honest they can get so boring! Pick out your fave pump-up song and create a squat sequence that last’s the whole time. For example, during the chorus do wide leg squats and during the verse of the song, do some pulsing squats. That way you can feel the burn while jammin' out to your fave tune!


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    Movie Moves

    So you want to watch a movie with your friends but also want to complete your daily workout? No problem! Just add the two together so you can watch the newest rom com while working up a sweat. Pick out situations that you know will happen in the movie and pair it with a workout move. For example, in Harry Potter do 10 jumping jacks every time Hagrid says "I shouldn't have said that".  


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    Chair push-ups

    Pushups...need we say more? Ugh. Let's just say they can get really tiring, really fast. That's why we love chair pushups (aka: the fun version of the workout move we all dread). By adding a chair into your pushup regimen you will be able to work out more muscles, master cool new moves, plus have tons of fun! Put your feet on the chair and walk your hands so they’re under your shoulders so you can work your shoulder muscles. Walk your hands back out so they’re at standard pushup position, this way you get a better workout with the added incline from the chair. Then, move your arms in push-up motion - you'll totally be feeling the burn later (in a good way, of course). 


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    Zombie’s, Run!

    We’ll be the first to admit that cardio day isn’t our fave. But with this app, we're enjoying running more than ever before! The Zombie’s Run app makes the video game world come to life. You are given different missions to complete all while having zombies hot on your tail. Not to mention, the super realistic sounds will have you sprinting down the street to escape in no time!

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016