9 tips to getting into running...and sticking to it!

Sure, running may seem like a daunting task at first, but we promise in time it becomes super easy. Plus, there are way too many benefits to keep your booty parked on the couch. (Think: keeping fit, busting stress and preventing diseases, to name a few.) With spring in the air, we put together a list on how to get started, stay motivated and keep safe. 

Getting started

1. Gear up

Struggling to lace up your sneakers? Then start right there! Get yourself a brand-spanking new pair of kicks so cute they’re just begging you to run. Be sure to ask for help with sizing while you’re at the store. Picking the right running shoes prevents injured joints and pulled muscles. Ouch!

2. Set small goals (but challenge yourself!)

The worst thing you can do is give up before you’ve even tried. Start off setting small goals for yourself. Try distance (“I’ll run half a mile today”), location (“I’ll run to the end of the neighborhood”) or speed (“I’ll run one mile in 10 minutes”).

Whatever you do, don’t get complacent. Be sure to push yourself. See how long you can actually run without stopping. You may surprise yourself because sometimes when you get over that ‘hump’ of wanting to give up, you get a new burst of energy when adrenaline kicks in!

3. Change up the routine

You’re more likely to stay interested if your workout’s not boring. If you start off by running outside, switch it up and try a treadmill or an elliptical. A treadmill can force you to stay at the same pace, while an elliptical can do wonders for your arms as well as your legs.

Sticking to it

1. Run with others

Running buddies are a no-fail way to keep ya going. Whether it’s trying to catch up with your speedy friend, or just having someone to talk to that will help distract you from wondering how long ‘til the run is over, it’s always fab having a friend by your side.

2. Sign up for races

Races like 5ks or 10ks are the hands down best way to motivate you. While spring is marathon season, summer is race season, so you have a couple months to prepare. Plus, nothing keeps you focused like the thought of crossing the finish line. Bonus: a lot of races benefit charity. Bettering your health and your community? That’s a win-win.

3. There’s an app for that

Track your progress on your smartphone with cool apps like Map My Run and Run Keeper. These apps can log your distance, times and routes to show you your progress. Plus, they’re totally free!

Helpful hints

1. Hydration is key

Keeping your body hydrated—especially in warmer spring weather—is super important. While we all know that water is great for your skin and managing your hunger, did you know that your muscles actually need water to be able to function? 

Dehydration while running can cause dizziness, fatigue, headaches and an increased heart rate, causing you to heat up a lot faster. About 30 minutes before you run, have a glass or two of water. Bring along a mini bottle if you’re going for a long run. Trust us, your parched throat will thank us!

2. Be aware of your surroundings

If you’re running near a road, wear bright colors so that drivers can easily spot you. Running at night? Step up your game with some reflective gear. It’s important to stay visible.

3. Listen to your body

If you run for 30 minutes and the next day your muscles feel like they’re crying in pain, that’s OK! Skip a day and run the next day. It’s important to keep yourself on a schedule so that your body can adjust accordingly and eventually be able to push itself harder. Stretching before and after running can help your endurance and muscle recovery, too.

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by Kate Radin | 2/1/2016
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