5 quick soccer moves to stay in shape this summer


If you didn’t already know, the FIFA Women’s World Cup is in full swing. And with hopes high for the US Women’s Soccer Team, you should definitely be tuning into their next match. The team already claimed a victory in their first match against Australia on June 8 and a draw against Sweden on the 12th. This week, the ladies faced off against Nigeria and beat 'em 1-0. 

The women’s team is filled with incredible players including Hope Solo, Abby Wambach and Christen Press just to name a few. Hope Solo is a Gold Medal Olympian while Abby Wambach is the all-time American International goal scorer. And Christen Press? She’s already made her mark during the US-Australia match where she scored the game's final point. 

Love watching the US team kill it in the World Cup and ready to test out your own soccer skills? Try this kick-butt workout to get on the US Women’s Soccer Team level: 


Make sure to always warm up your body before you start doing heavy exercising. Check out our smart stretches to try before a workout HERE.

Do different warmup stretches to the 6 (penalty box) and back.


1. Begin with a light jog.
2. Next is high knees. Bend your elbows so that your arms are at 90 degrees. Alternate bringing your knees up so that they hit each of your hands. Do this at a jogging pace. 
3. Skip, but make sure to really lift your knee each time.
4. Lunges come after. Stand up straight with your legs hip-width apart, then place your hands on your hips. Step forward about two feet with your right foot (if you're taller you may need to step further). Lift your left foot up so that your heel is off the ground. Bend both of your knees at the same time, making a 90 degree ankle between your thighs and your calves. Pause for about 5 seconds. Push off your right heel and repeat this process from the start with your left foot in front. Repeat for a full set on each leg.
5. Finish with karaoke. Start with your left foot behind your right, then bring your right foot to the side. Cross your left foot in front of your right and take another step to the right with your right foot. Meet your right foot with your left, then repeat moving in the opposite direction. Kick it up a notch and go faster when you feel ready.

You have 20 seconds to get up the field and then 40 seconds to make it back. After completing that, you've earned yourself a minute of rest. Do this for five sets. Find that too easy? Increase the number of times you do it each workout. 

Toe Taps

Sets: 3
Stand about six inches behind the soccer ball. Try to make sure the ball stays in the same spot while doing this exercise. Alternate tapping the point of your toe on top of the ball while moving in a circle as you go. Try to get at least eight toe touches per circle for one set. 

Abs with a twist 
Position yourself sitting down with your knees touching the ground. To begin the exercise lift your feet off the ground about 4 inches.Take the soccer ball and weave the ball in and out of your legs creating an infinity sign. Make sure to balance only on your butt to make sure you are really working your abs. For the best results make sure to squeeze your abs as tight as possible. Do this for about 30 seconds for one set. Repeat three times. 

Perfect your dribble
Space 10 cones about two feet apart (apart a big step apart) from one another. Start by dribbling through the cones only using your right foot and then alternate to your left foot for the way back. Make sure your pace is about a fast jog.Take about a 30 second break for each set. Repeat six times. 

Position your body as if you were lying facedown on the floor with your arms underneath you. Lift your body up on your forearms by bending your elbows and make sure your body stays flat like a plank. Hold this for 30 seconds, making sure the only part of your body touching the floor is your forearms and feet. Repeat three times. 

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by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016