8 things *all* runners know to be true

A quick run can be an amazing workout, but it can also be a great way to blow off steam or zap stress. Whether you go for an occasional jog around the block or you’re the captain of the cross country team, here are the eight truths all runners know are true. Still haven't gotten into pounding the pavement? Keep reading, and then lace up those sneakers. We know you'll be hooked in no time.

1. Other sports teams’s workout runs are the same as your team’s warm up.  When your friends complain about the running they did during practice, you just laugh. The soccer team had a to run a whole mile? Gasp! 

2. Strangers running past are always way friendlier than regular passing strangers would usually be. Not only are they enjoying the same activity as you, but when you exercise, your body releases endorphins.  Endorphins cause you to feel happy, giving you that “runner’s high."  

3. People who take up the whole path are literally the worst. Nothing is more annoying than having to throw off a possible person record pace to slow down because the people in front of you are blocking the whole path. Even worse is trying to find the energy to say “excuse me” when you’re totally out of breath.  

4. Running is basically like DIY therapy. Jogging will leave you alone with your thoughts and will give you time to remove yourself from a problem and really think about it.  Those nice endorphins also help with the physical pain caused by stress. 


5. Coming up with the perfect running playlist is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The perfect mix of songs can keep you entertained during boring parts of your run and keep you motivated while struggling at up a hill.  Nothing’s better than having your jam come on while running and trying not to sing the words out loud too loudly. 

6. Looking cute while working out can be a great motivator. Whether it’s a new pair of running shorts or just a new braid you’re trying out, knowing you look fab can give you the added confidence to rock your run.  

7. Off days are great, but they’re also boring. Rest days are necessary to revive your muscles, so you don’t get hurt. But you always feel like you should be doing more than just chilling out on your couch. 

8. After you finish a hard workout, you feel like you could do anything. Accomplishing a challenge is always super rewarding, especially with a delicious post workout treat like one of these. (Click here).


by Kelsie Ahern | 4/21/2018