These outdoor workouts are anything but boring


Even the most diligent of us can have a hard time finding the motivation to work out. We can only run so many laps around the track and complete so many reps before losing interest and, with that, our will to exercise. Sometimes even our favorite sports can become tiresome! But don’t let boring workouts be your excuse for becoming a couch potato. Since it’s summer, take advantage of the good weather and fun activities and check out our ideas for staying active.

Hit the Waves
If you live near a body of water like an ocean, river or lake, summer is prime time to take advantage of those waves and make a splash. Surfing is always a great option for those who can access the ocean, and for those at the lake, stand up paddleboarding is a great alternative (it tones your arms, legs, and core all at once!). Similarly, kayaking or canoeing will let you enjoy the water without getting wet. If swimming is more your thing, why not try snorkeling? That way you can say hello to all the fish (perhaps try finding Dory?) and be part of a beautiful underwater world while taking a dip.

Climb Every Mountain
Don’t worry, we’re not talking Everest or Kilimanjaro. Mountains are like nature’s elliptical machine or stairmaster and are perf places to work out. We recommend some mountain biking for an exhilarating and challenging adventure—just be sure to wear a helmet and ride carefully on rocky trails. For those of us who aren’t so daring, hiking is a great option. While taking in the gorgeous outdoors and breathing in that fresh air, you’ll also be breaking a sweat and working your arms and legs as you tackle those hills.

Go Green
The grass is always greener on the other side, they say, so why not bring your workout to a pretty lawn at the park? You’ll get to do some amazing people- and dog-watching while exercising in a perfectly picturesque location. Bring your yoga mat and do some sun salutations under the actual sun—or in the shade if you prefer. Tie a tight rope between two trees and practice your balancing act. Or gather your squad together for the ultimate workout: ultimate frisbee.

Embrace Your Inner Katniss
While most of us don’t want to actually compete in the Hunger Games, we can all admire Katniss's fearless attitude and crazy physical capabilities. Bring her daringness into your next workout by giving archery a shot or joining a kickboxing or martial arts class. You may be mistaken for a District 12 competitor if you’re completing a ropes course or scaling a rock-climbing wall. You can also train like a Hunger Games contestant with your friends by finding an obstacle course near your home. There are lots of ways to channel your inner Katniss, so braid your hair, grab your bow and arrow and get outside!

How do you spice up your workouts in the summer?


by Morgan Ome | 5/6/2018