Foam rollers are your body's new BFF

Between days on the track with your team and nights at the gym with your mom, you're frequently finding your body sore and tight the day after you workout. Enter: the foam roller, a post-workout tool that will leave your muscles relaxed and less sore so you can get back to doing what you do best: werkin' it at the gym. 

The reason so many professional athletes and fitness gurus alike foam roll after a workout is because it increases the range of motion in your muscles. Stretching is one of the most important things for your body that girls frequently forget to add into their gym routine, but no workout is as beneficial if you don't allow your muscles to stretch and repair after you've worked them to their limit. Foam rolling stretches and lengthens your muscles, while improving blood flow to your sore tissue, which is what repairs them.

You're probably wondering exactly which parts of your body you can foam roll. Well the answer is everywhere. Let’s focus on the main parts of your body that you're likely to exhaust during a workout. Greatist put together an awesome guide that shows you exactly how to target your most used muscles.


Next time you're at the gym or just finished a killer practice, pick a few parts of your body to roll out and see if you feel a difference in your muscles the next day!

Have you tried foam rolling before? Which body parts do you like to foam roll?

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by Sarah Fritz | 3/15/2018