Why you shouldn't be intimidated by workout classes

You’ve been pounding out a perfectly polished workout routine for months. From solo squats to independent intervals, you tackle a ton of exercises on your own. Have you ever thought about getting your fitness on in a group setting?

Workout classes are entertaining, energetic and exciting. If you’ve never been to one, though, they might seem a lil’ more awful than awesome. Class atmospheres can be totally terrifying, but fear not! Follow these four steps to fall in love with a workout class. 

Start small.
Olympic queen Simone Biles took home gold last summer because she started her gymnastics career from square one. Instead of taking on a full-time training program as soon as she landed her first cartwheel, Simone played around with flips and twists until a field trip to a gym took her talents to the next level. Take a page from Simone’s all-star book by going to just one or two workout classes during your first few weeks. Although it’s tempting to make this a daily routine right away, giving yourself time to try something new will make you much more likely to find something you love and stick with it. 

Bring your bestie.
You’ll also have a higher chance of hanging around if you get your BFF in on the action. When you’ve only got yourself to worry about, it can be tempting to back out of a class. You’re feeling super sluggish, there’s a Riverdale marathon...the list of potential excuses goes on. Teaming up with another person leaves little room for absences because somebody else is counting on you to be there. As an added bonus, having your bestie by your side means that at least one fit-focused face will be familiar! 

Choose what you *can* do.
When it comes to picking a workout class, there’s no shortage of options. The key is beginning with the group that’s great for you. An Insanity class could make you feel insane if you’ve never worked out with others, so ease into group exercise with a class that’s close to what you’ve been doing by yourself. Feel like bikes are the best? Roll up to a cycling sesh. Are you crazy flexible? Give yoga a yo-go.

Challenge yourself with what you think you *can’t* do.
Now’s the time to give the trickier things a try. Once you feel comfortable with—and conquer—your first round of classes, think about signing up for a workout class that’s not completely familiar. According to Active, attending a variety of group activities “keeps your body guessing” and “helps prevent boredom.” As much as you dig your fave class, doing nothing but barre or bootcamp could cause you to burn out, lose interest and return to your old routine. Exploring new options will keep you on your toes. Who knows—you may even discover your dream class! 

What do you do to make workout classes work for you?

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by Megan Sawey | 6/3/2018