Working out with your bestie > working out solo

Unfortunately, going to the gym isn't always fun. It can get boring pretty quick, especially if you're all alone and forgot your headphones—how are you supposed to entertain yourself without Daya and Ellie Goulding by your side? The answer: Your bestie—duh! Bringing a pal along with you will make working out way more fun and not to mention *so* much easier. A mile on the treadmill doesn't feel so tough when you're sharing LOLs with your BFF along the way. Here's why hitting the gym with your girl is the absolute best.

You’ll be more productive

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Your friends are always encouraging you, so you + your bestie at the gym = unstoppable. Bringing a friend is a sure-fire way to guarantee you both have a little extra push when you’re losing motivation. Not to mention, there are loads of buddy exercises y’all can do.

You’ll have a blast

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Spending time with your girls is always loads of fun, and the gym won't be any different. Once you get into the groove it’ll feel just like hanging out. The more fun you have, the more motivated you’ll be to go back!

You’ll build good habits

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If your BFF is your gym buddy, odds are she’ll help you form good habits before and after your sweat seshes as well. Meaning, she'll support your every effort to eat healthy foods, but will always indulge in a treat on cheat day with ya.

You'll form a tighter bond

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Y'all will be closer than ever once you start spotting, squatting and sweating together. Doing so means you're supporting each other's bodies and overall well being, which will bring you closer altogether.

What do you and your bestie do at the gym? Share your workout routines in the comments below! 

by Julia Bonney | 9/15/2016