The *best* yoga mats, according to Instagram gurus


You *love* starting your morning off with a downward dog...until you go faceplanting onto the floor because your mat slipped. Again. Using the right mat is the easiest way to make your practice smoother, and safer. To find out exactly which mats are best, we interviewed some of our favorite Instagram yogis. Read below to find out which ones got the most thumbs up (hint: it's probably not the L brand you're thinking of!).


"My favorite mat is Liforme. It has the strongest grip and I love the design that keeps my symmetry through class." - Celest of @celestpereirayoga


"I love the Liforme mat for my day-to-day practice at home. It's great for beginners with the lines to help our alignment and gives good support for the hands and feet with the layers of padding so you have a comfortable practice." - Kelly of @kellybrooksyoga


"Manduka yoga mats are extremely durable, long lasting, high quality, and perfect for hot yoga practices. They come in a variety of fun colors and different thicknesses. I use my Manduka yoga mat twice a day to practice yoga and the mat still looks and acts as if it were brand new." - Skyler of @skyleryoga


"This [Liforme] mat is taking over the yoga scene, it offers markings to aid in the alignment of your's equally chic and technically awesome!" - Emily-Clare of @emilyclareyoga


"As a yoga teacher, I have practiced on so many different mats and can appreciate the importance of having something that's reliable and comfortable to use. If you're midway through a class and slipping in your downward facing dog, it's incredibly frustrating and off-putting. So that's why my favorite brands are Liforme & Lululemon, both of which have a sticky-like coating that gives the ultimate grip effect. It might be pricey, but it's the best investment for any keen yoga ninja." - Emily of @emily_and_yoga


"My favorite yoga mat (although it is pretty tough to pick just one, because I have a lot of mats and I love them all for different reasons!) is the Liforme mat which makes it easy to see where to put your hands and feet because of the lines on the mat. I am obsessed and credit this technology for getting my hand position squared away of late. It is also very sticky which Is great for those sweaty yoga sessions!" - Angela of @angelakukhahn 


"Lululemon mats are my fave, no slip and amazing grip." - Steffy of @steffywhiteyoga


"My favorite yoga mat is my Liforme Travel mat. It's light weight and no matter how much you sweat you'll never slip!" - Katarina of @katarinarayburnyoga


"My favorite mat is the Manduka EkoLite. This mat is made from recycled material and is light enough to carry around but is dense enough to guarantee a solid practice. My favorite part about the mat is the grippy texture that prevents me from sliding during practice. No more need for a yoga towel! This mat is an excellent choice because it is priced really well for a long-lasting, high quality yoga mat." - Alexa of @alexa_yoga 

What's your favorite yoga mat? Let us know in the comments! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 1/19/2017