Work out and study for tomorrow's test at the *same* time with these hacks

It's been scientifically proven that incorporating exercise into your study regime increases productivity and yields better grades, but sometimes, you don’t have time to take a break and get your blood flowing. Here are three ways to work out while you study to boost your brain and body power.

1. Read while getting your cardio in. Have to review for the bio exam but wanna get your heart pumping? Bring your textbook (or take pictures of the pages on your phone,) set it on the treadmill and get to it. If jogging is too intense, try the elliptical or even the cycling machine for a smoother, yet still challenging, workout. 

2. Listen to audiobooks or online crash courses.  Prefer to run outside, lift weights or do more free-flowing exercises? Pop in some headphones and listen to your notes instead. Need to review a book? Google a free audiobook or have Siri read you a plot summary as you move. Need to memorize vocabulary words? Make a voice memo of you reading each word, its definition and how to use it in a sentence. Gotta remember historical facts and figures? See if you can find a video summarizing the time period on Crash Course.

3. Exercise at your desk. There are plenty of workout moves you can do without leaving your seat. Try the routine below or be creative and come up with your own.

Utilizing one or more of these techniques can help assure that your physical and mental health doesn’t suffer during finals season. However, when utilizing these tips, remember to take breaks periodically to let your brain and body rest. While cramming may seem like the best (or only) option, giving your brain time to relax and recuperate is essential for productive study sessions. To properly process information (and remember it for the big test) you need to get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated.

Have you ever tried any of these study/workout methods? Let us know in the comments!

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by Clarissa Latman | 5/22/2017