Stay fit this summer with these waterproof workouts


We don't know about you, but our summer game plan is to soak up the sun, cool off with a dip in the pool and repeat. And in between dips, try this routine for in and out of the pool. Not only is it proof that water aerobics isn't just for Grandma, but it will exercise new muscles to you keep feeling summertime fine all the way through August.

Bicycle kick 
Lean up against the edge of the pool and place your arms so that your elbows are resting on the pool's edge. Pedal your leg like you're riding a bicycle for a minute without rest. This high resistance exercise will target your leg muscles and firm up that bum.

Diagonal standing crunch
Bend your arms behind your head so your elbows are sticking out, then crunch together your left knee to your right elbow until they touch. Complete 12 on one side before switching to the other for an awesome ab workout. Increase reps as you get stronger.

Cross country "skiing"
While in the water place one foot in front of the other and alternate their positions as if you're cross country skiing. Keep your arms straight at your sides doing a similar motion as you move your legs for 30 seconds. It's a creative way to get in your cardio *without* swimming laps. 

Plank pose 
Lay your towel out and get on your stomach. With your forearms resting on the ground lift up into a plank and hold for a minimium of 30 seconds. Challenge yourself to work up to a minute (or even longer if you can!).

Donkey kicks 
Still on your towel, get on all fours with your shins resting on the ground. Lift one leg into a 90 degree angle with your toes pointed toward the sky. Keeping your leg bent, pulse your leg up to the sky without letting it fall below your hip line. Trust us, after just 12 of these pulses you will definitely feel the burn.  

Arm dips 
Find a stable elevated surface like a pool chair or ledge. Place your straight arms behind you, resting your hands on that surface. With legs bent, slowly bend your arms dipping your body then straightening your arms back up. Repeat this motion at least 10 times to work your arms and upper body. To make the workout more difficult straighten your legs out in front of you so your heels are against the ground and your toes are pointed toward the sky.

Do you have any pool exercises you like to do? Share in the comments! 

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by Karlyn Sykes | 5/31/2017