The real reasons you should be exercising

Let's be real—we know exercise is not your favorite thing to do. You are busy, tired and sometimes swamped with a heavy homework load. We get it, we do. But we also know you care about your body's health. That is why we gathered up a few reasons, you should be exercising. (Who knows, you might just even learn to love it).

Healthy bones
As you get older, your bones become more fragile, which can lead to injuries like broken bones and fractures. But if you strengthen your muscles, you can decrease your chances of injury. The best way, you can strengthen your bones is with weight bearing exercises. Which means, walking, running, hiking, etc. 

Healthy heart
We often ignore what we can't see. But like your bones, your heart is sooo important. In fact, not taking care of your heart can lead to some serious health issues, like strokes and heart attacks down the road. Since we know you want to avoid that, we suggest trying a few new cardio and aerobic exercises. Both are fun and get that heart of yours pumping.   

Mood changer
When you exercise, endorphins release and when that happens, you feel happier and healthier. If you have been feeling down lately, try adjusting your mood with a few exercises. Go for a run, hit the gym or try a new workout tape at home. In the end, you will be happy you did.  

Stress relief
Exercise can do more than make you happy, it can make you feel relaxed too. When stress starts weighing you down, which can lead to bigger health problems, exercise can help. But don't wait until you are overwhelmed with stress, exercise before the pressure begins.

Tell us in the comments below, what are your favorite ways to exercise?


by Alyshia Hull | 3/17/2019