6 weird ways to workout that won't totally bore you

Ditch the rote weight lifting or cardio, and start doing one of these fun workouts that totally won’t bore you. Get excited to be suspended in mid-air or learn to dance with these totally awesome full-body workouts. Some of these you could even do from home, just check YouTube!

1. Jumping 
We don’t mean just jumping up and down repeatedly. This awesome workout combines dance, jumping and trampolines to give you an experience that will not only strengthen your muscles, but it will improve your endurance too. Get jumping!

2. Anti-gravity barre 
This workout combines so many different sweat-inducing activities to create the perfect fitness routine that surely won’t leave you bored. Let’s see those mid-air plies!

3. Zumba 
This dancing fitness will make it feel like you're not even working out until you finish and realize you’re covered in sweat! Get your dance on and sweat to your fave songs, while learning some cool new moves. 

4. Kickboxing 
Don’t let your cardio stop at the treadmill. Combine endurance with strength while learning how to kickbox. Nobody will dare to mess with you again!

5. Aerial yoga 
If regular yoga is just too boring for you, give aerial yoga a try! Imagine being suspended in mid-air while doing downward dog, sounds fun, right?!

6. Circus workouts
Have you ever gone to the circus, looked at the performers and realized how athletic they are? Well, a circus workout class is the opportunity you've been waiting for to show off your creativity and athleticism!

How do you like to workout? Let us know in the comments!


by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/11/2018