Everything you need to know before your first spin class

Everyone prefers different ways to exercise and move their bodies. Whether you have your regime all figured out or you're still experimenting with different activities, a spin class is the perfect way to spice up your day-to-day schedule! Spin *definitely* has a different vibe than other forms of exercise, but it might be something you never knew you needed! We've created a list of everything you need to know before you walk into your first spin class. 

1.  How do I find a studio?
Use your fave tool—the internet. Type "spin class near me" into your search bar (turn on Location Services, ofc!) and look out for company names such as, "CycleBar," "Soulcycle," "Equinox" or "Swerve," to see if a studio exists near you! If there happens to be more than one, compare prices, class times and reviews to pick whichever works best for you. 

Price Guide
Lots of studios offer monthly or yearly packages, as well as single drop-in classes. For your first ride, opt for the drop-in. Then, once you know you love it, consider the other packages. 


2. What do I wear?
Classes tend to be about 45 minutes long but trust us, you'll be working *hard* every minute of it. Stretchy and breathable clothing is key.

We *love* a matching legging and sports bra set, complete with a fun tank and scrunchie. No matter what, wear what makes you comfortable! If shorts are more your vibe, go for it. Wear your hair up and out of your face— french braids, ponytail, or any variation of the two will work perfectly. 

As for shoes, the pedals on your bike have slots that your shoes clip into, so no need to worry about what to come in wearing. There are different types of clips and shoes, but don't worry about buying your own for your first ride. Most studios offer cycling shoes to rent that are compatible with their bikes. Don't forget socks!

3. Be ready to work hard.
While there's no punishment for taking breaks or going at your own pace, you'll get more out of your ride if you follow the instructor as much as possible. Throughout your ride, your rate per minute (RPM), or how fast you're going, and your resistance level will fluctuate according to the song and part of the class. It can be tricky to catch exactly what the instructor wants you to do, but try your best to follow along. 

4. It's basically a party.
When you enter the riding space of the studio, you'll immediately love the vibes. The lights are down, the music is blasting, and everyone is ready to sweat. Leave all your stress and troubles at the door. You'll get to absorb all the best vibes and you'll leave in a way better headspace than the one you went in with!


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5. It's not going to be easy, but that's okay.
While spin class is arguably the most fun workout, it is no easy feat. From the moment you clip into the bike to the cool down, you'll be moving. You never know when you're in the hardest part of the workout because the class builds and changes. This may sound challenging (and it is), but it also helps push your limits and keep achieving new heights. Your instructor is there to guide you, motivate you and help you realize your full potential, so trust them! You'll be doing yourself a favor in the long run, too. 

You're all set! With these tips under your belt, you're bound to make the most out of your first spin class. Have the best time!


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by Riley Yates | 12/4/2021