WE TRIED IT: Cardio Strength Workout Classes

Spring break's almost here and summer is just around the corner, so I decided its time for me to kick it into full gear and get exercising. I really wanted to reach my fitness goals, and what better way than doing it with a bunch of other people who are workin' toward the same thing?
I started going to classes at the gym called CSI (cardio, strength intervals, not that show on TV). It's really helped me get into shape. Basically, you do about 3 minutes of cardio followed by about 2-3 minutes of strength training. Mixing the two together gives me a total body workout.
I love the class. I've even started bringing friends, and that has made it twice as awesome. It was really difficult for the first week, but it got easier. It gives me time to clear my head and de-stress too. When the workout starts to seem a little easy, I can modify simple things (like adding another step to the stepping blocks), and make sure it's still as challenging as on day one.
Ask your local gym about classes that involve cardio and strength, if you wanna check one out near you. The cost between classes and gyms varies, but usually you can pay for a single class to see if you like it. 
Can't get to a gym? Here's how to get this workout at home:
Make a workout playlist with all your fave songs that will keep you pumped. Then think about what kind of cardiovascular exercises you like to do (running, jump roping, jumping jacks, stepping, dancing, etc.), and all of the strength work you like to do (push-ups, crunches, arm circles, squats, lunges, etc.).
Use the songs as your timer. Start off with a jog for the first song, then when the song changes, spend the next one doing push-ups and crunches. Alternate like this for a half hour or 45 minutes, and you're on the way to a fit body. To make this even more fun, get your workout buddy to do it with you. It'll give you time to hang out, and get yourselves ready for some fun in the sun this summer!

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by Ashley Barrett | 2/1/2016