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Is there a quick fix for bumpy, red cheeks?

My cheeks are really red and bumpy. When I take pictures, they’re blotchy. My face looks pale while my cheeks are super red. How can I stop the redness and bumps? Is there any kind of makeup that would help?

First things first, girlie: Have you seen your doc or a dermatologist about your skin? That should be your first stop, since the bumps and redness you’re seeing could be caused by an underlying medical problem, such as rosacea.
Calm your skin down
It’s possible that you’re allergic to whatever cleansers or moisturizers you’re currently using. The same goes for makeup. Try using a super gentle cleanser, like Clearasil, and see if that helps clear things up.

Ditch the makeup
Some folks are super-sensitive to make-up. Mineral makeup can be a godsend for those with temperamental skin. Try going without any kind of makeup for a week or two and see if you notice a difference. Sometimes your skin just needs a breather.

Look great now
Got a photo opp on the horizon? Knock it out without worrying about rosy-red cheeks with a light dusting of powder. It’ll tone down your cheeks and give the rest of your face a bit of color and substance so you won’t get washed out by a camera’s flash. To bring out the rest of our face, try a tiny bit of black or brown eyeliner around your lash line and a bit of color on your lips.

Good luck, gorgeous!

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016