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Will a perm destroy my super-fine hair?

I have really super fine, straight blond hair. I want to liven up my locks by getting a perm or a dye job, but I am worried it will ruin my hair. Help!

No matter what you’re planning to do to your hair, you have to remember that anything more than a trim is a pretty big step. One wrong move can cause weeks or months of agony! Here are some things to consider…

Fine hair funk
No matter what you decide, we would caution you not to perm and color your hair. Both processes damage even the healthiest hair. Getting them both done together could result in a train wreck of damaged hair. And the thing about damaged hair is that there’s really no fixing it. You’ll have to wait for it to grow out.

“Perm” means “permanent”
Perms may seem like a great idea, however if your hair is not terribly healthy or super fine, it might not be great for your hair. Not to mention, a perm is just that—permanent—and if you don't like the change, you will have to wait for your hair to grow out before you can get it back to normal.

Find your best hairstyle
The best thing to do when you’re considering a new ‘do is to find your best look. First, check out your face shape in the mirror: Is it oval? Round? Long? Heart-shaped? If you can pinpoint the shape, you can search online for hairstyles that best compliment you. Then you can check out colors that would compliment your skin tone and features. Will red make your skin pop or look blotchy? Is a rich chocolate going to age you or make you look sweet and innocent?

For fun, you can try going to a wig shop and seeing what styles catch your eye. Try them and on and when you're ready to make a step, speak to your stylist about what you like and don't like.

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by Afiya Augustine | 2/1/2016