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All the deets you need to know about discharge


Every girl has it, but nobody wants to talk about. Yes, we’re referring to discharge, AKA the questionable goop that keeps appearing in your panties (we know, EW!). Yep, it’s true -- discharge is quite possibly the most awk and uncomfortable subject on the entire planet, but it’s important to understand the different types and what they could each mean to your overall health. 
Chunky, white discharge is normal in some cases. It’s not unusual for this type to occur before or even after your period. So how can you tell if white discharge is harm? One word: itching! If you’re experiencing irritation or a foul odor then it’s possible that you could have a yeast infection that needs to be treated by your gyno.

Although the color may not be so convincing, this type of discharge is actually good for your body. It’s common right after your period ends and usually doesn’t last too long. The brown color is simply just old menstrual blood that your body is getting rid of.

Clear and watery

Studies show that this type is common after exercise or physical activity. It’s normal, just don’t forget to change your panties or put on a panty liner when you notice the discharge. It’s only harmful if you stay wet or moist down there for a long period of time.


Yellowy greenish

This discharge is irregular. Yellowish discharge may mean you have an infection, especially if it’s accompanied by a fishy smell or clumpy chunks.

Spotty blood

Most girls “spot” or see little drops of brownish blood in their panties when their bodies are trying to get used to the whole menstrual cycle thing, but don’t worry! This should stop once your period becomes more regular.

Remember, if you aren't sure about something happening with down there -- ask your doc or talk to a parent! 

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by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016