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Scented products that can be disastrous "down there"


When it comes to your "down there" area, smelling good is definitely first priority, right? But did ya know some products you may be using to keep fresh ‘n’ clean could be potentially bad news for your lady parts? Here are the ones you need to ditch (for your vagina's sake!).  

Fabric softener & dryer sheets

It may be easier to just toss you panties in with your load of regular clothes, but here’s why ya shouldn’t: Stinky gym socks and old hoodies are probably gonna need a little fabric softener and dryer sheet action. And if your panties are in the same batch, then you could be in trouble. The perfumes in some of these products can alter your vagina’s chemical balance, causing you to get yeast infections (gross, we know).  

Scented panty liners

By now you should already know that panty liners are a girl’s best friend. They’re easy to pack in a clutch for potential embarrassing moments, and they smell good, too. But some scented panty liners could cause major probs. Just like fabric softener, scented panty liners can throw your bods balance off course. Instead, opt for unscented liners or sprinkle a bit of unscented baby powder in your panties to stay dry.

Smelly lotion

From vanilla bean to cherry blossom creams, we can't help but to want to put it everywhere. And lets be real...they all smell amazeballs! The bad news is, smelly lotions can cause itchiness and irritation. If you’re looking to moisturize near your nether regions, opt for pure grape seed oil.

Perfumed body wash and soap

Okay, it’s true. We all love to scrub-a-dub-dub with the best smelling soap, but just like scented lotion, perfumed body wash can irritate your private areas. If used down there too many times, yeast infections and urinary tract infections are likely to occur. Our alternative? Wash with a cleanser that is specifically made for vaginas like Summer’s Eve.

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by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016