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Blush much? Traumatic tales from that time of the month


Having your period can be really rough. From stained jeans to tampon traumas, it may seem like you're the only girl in the world who can't seem to get her time of the month under control. Trust us–you're not. We rounded up some of our best friends' worst horror stories to let ya know you're not alone (and maybe someday we'll all be able to laugh it off).   

“In 7th grade, I wasn't wearing tampons yet, and I underestimated how heavy my period was. It was the very last class of the day, and since I was still too shy to change my pad at school, I was just hoping the pad I'd put on in the morning would hold out.  When the bell rang to go home, I stood up and felt damp. When I looked at my chair, l saw a bright red puddle of blood smeared all over. Needless to say, I RAN away.” –Jess, 15

“I thought my period had finished, so I was wearing white pants to church one day (I always wear white after my period has finished), and my period started again! It was church parade that week so lots of people were there and I had no idea how many people saw, but I had to carry on like normal.” ––Deena, 16

“One time I went swimming without realizing I had gotten my period, and the pool water started turning red around me. Luckily, I covered it up by saying that my dad had added red dye to the pool to make it look cool!” ––Morgan, 15

“In 9th grade, my boyfriend and I got invited to his friend's girlfriend's house. Everybody decided to get in the hot tub, and the girl let me borrow a bathing suit since I hadn’t thought to bring one. I was too busy worrying about my awkward body to notice my weird stomach pains, but after about ten minutes in the hot tub, my boyfriend's friend started screaming and pointing at me. The water around me had turned a horrible (and social-life-destroying) shade of pink. The parents made my mom pay to have the hot tub cleaned.” ––Kate, 18

“The first time I tried to use a tampon, I not only couldn't get even a fraction of it inside of me, but I passed out from the pain. I mean, literally passed out. When I came to, I promptly burst into tears and then ran out to the living room to tell my mom. After hearing my story and asking me to demonstrate exactly what I'd done (while clothed!), she somehow managed to keep a straight face while explaining that my aim had been too high.” ––Samantha, 16

How do you deal with period problems? Any tips or tricks to help avoid these totally embarrassing situations? Let us know below! 

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by Alexa Matthews | 2/1/2016