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Every girl needs this spring beauty trick: How to conceal body bruises


Warmer weather is finally upon us—and, more importantly, warm-weather fashion! With all those fab shorts, tanks, sundresses and flip flops, you're prob gonna be showing a lot more skin...which might mean exposing all those bruises from soccer practice or general clumsiness. But don't freak out—bruises are not a big deal. Plus, with these tricks, you'll be totally clear in no time (or at least until you walk into your nightstand again...). 

Take your vitamins.
Preventing bruises completely is impossible, but there are steps you can take to make the black and blues last for less time. We suggest upping your vitamin C and K (skin strengtheners that help lessen bruising) by taking supplements daily. You can even buy vitamin C and K oil and apply it like lotion.

Ice the affected area.
Put ice on your bumps as soon as they happen to help avoid swelling. If you wanna cover 'em up, throw some concealer on, like Cover FX or Jergen's Daily Glow.

Still tend to bruise easily?
It could be a sign that something is up, so head to your doctor's office and be sure to bring it to their attention. 

How do you deal with pesky black and blues? Share in the commets below. 

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by Anna Maria Hand | 4/8/2018