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This is how often you should replace your bras

We all know bras can be uncomfortable, especially the ones with underwire. Lets be honest, babes: there's no better feeling than coming home at the end of the day and finally letting your "girls" free. Bras are meant to support and comfort your breasts, but sometimes they just leave you annoyed and uncomfortable. Ever wonder why? Here are some underwire myths debunked, plus a few tips every bra-wearer should know!

1. There is research conducted by the Univeristy of Utah and Devra Davis, PhD linking underwire bras with cell phone radiation. The metal in some underwire bras magnifies the exposure to wireless radiation that is emitted through cell phones. But don’t freak and ditch all of your underwire bras completely because not all underwire bras use metal—some actually use plastic. But to be on the safe side you can reduce the exposure by keeping your cell phone away from your body when wearing metal underwire or just keep it in your bag when you're on the go.

2. Sorry to tell you ladies, but your favorite bra won't last forever. According to Huffington Post even if your "girls" are the same size as two years ago, your bra is only going to last eight months. General rule: Shop for bras every year. It is important to always have a correctly fitted bra, not just for how you look but for how you feel about yourself. Over time the band and straps in your most frequently worn bras stretch out. When a bra starts to lose its shape or the underwire pokes through, ditch it—no matter how cute and comfortable it once was. Another tip: the main support a bra provides is from the band and straps, not the underwire. So when fitting for a new bra make sure that the band fits snuggly and the straps are adjusted appropriately. 

3. Mary L. Gavin, MD reports that wearing a bra with underwire will not make your breasts any perkier or droopier than they currently are. There is no scientific evidence that says not wearing a bra or wearing a bra will make a difference with what will naturally happen to your breasts over time. When it comes to sleeping, there is nothing wrong with wearing a bra for night time support or ditching it all together. Do whatever makes you comfortable. In fact, in general, wearing a bra is totally your choice. Whether you prefer the additional support or want to feel free, it's important to do whatever makes you happy! 

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by Chloe Jones | 3/4/2019