Your Bod

"Help! How do I stop sweating so much?"


"I sweat a lot. Like *a lot*. I wear deodorant and body sprays but nothing seems to help. How can I stop sweating, or at least stop smelling?"

Don't sweat it, GL girl. You may have something called hyperhidrosis, which affects about 3% of Americans.  Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that causes a person to sweat excessively even when they aren't doing strenuous physical activity or aren't in warm climates. Fortunately, excessive sweating is the only effect of hyperhidrosis, and it can be treated easily with antiperspirants. Antipersirants are sold anywhere that deodorant is sold and some deodorants have antiperspirant in them. Antiperspirant sits on top of your skin and is pulled into your sweat glands, causing them to be plugged. It tells your body when it's sweating too much and prevents excessive sweating. Regular antiperspirant is best when applied at night so it has time to plug your sweat glands overnight. If you use a deodorant with antiperspirant in it, just apply whenever you would apply regular deoderant. Simple as that.

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by Julia Bonney | 3/24/2018