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You asked, we answered: Can I shave my tummy hair?

You asked: "I have a trail of hair from my belly button and down—I can't stand it. Sometimes I pluck it but I don't know if I should shave it or not. I know it's normal, but it's so embarrassing. Please help!”

We answered: You're right—it is very normal to have hair trailing from your belly button to your pubic area. In fact, this hair is so common that it's referred to as a "happy line." It is something that usually appears during puberty and the thickness of the hair varies for each person. There is nothing wrong with leaving this hair the way it is. But if you feel self conscious about the way it looks, you can remove it by shaving, applying a cream or waxing. Before you shave, make sure that you exfoliate the area and use warm water and a new razor to avoid any nicks or bumps. Then, shave in the direction of the hair growth. If you'd rather not use a razor on your tummy (which we totally understand) try a depilatory cream, such as Nair. You simply apply the cream to the skin, wait the amount of time specified on the product, then wipe the cream and hair away. If you want longer-lasting results, you may want to consider waxing the area. No matter what, just remember to do what makes you feel good!

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by Emily Lauren Dick | 5/8/2020