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5 ways to embrace your natural hair—and own it!


Sometimes, as girls, we are *totally* obsessed with our hair. Whether straightening a ponytail before a team photo, or styling a first day of school updo, we pay a lot of attention to our strands. And while hair can be a fun way to express personality and taste, it can also become a major source of self-consciousness. By the time you enter middle or high school, you may have already begun straightening, dying or curling your hair regularly. There's nothing wrong with changing your mane...but you should never have to feel like it isn't beautiful as it is.

We've all heard "the grass is greener on the other side" and that's true when it comes to hair. Many curly-haired girls dream of perfectly-straight locks. Girls with pin-straight tresses frequently long for bouncy ringlets. No matter what your natural style is, we've created a list of tips to help you embrace it.

1. Remember that your hair makes you unique. One major reason girls feel like they have to change their hair is to blend in with their friends and classmates. But, just like any special skill or feature (from artistic talent to freckles), your hair is part of what makes you, you. Think about how boring the world would be if everyone had the same appearance. Know that for every person who makes you feel uncomfortable about your strands, there's someone else who would love to have hair just like yours. Still, if a person is constantly criticizing your looks, be sure to talk to an adult you trust.    

2. Think about why your hair bothers you. Sometimes, getting annoyed with your tresses isn't the result of anyone else's opinions or words. Everyone has those days when your curls fall flat or you're the queen of frizz. Find out what the root of the problem is first.   

3. Address the issue. It's usually easy to solve hair probs. For example, preventing frizzy morning hair may be as simple as taking a shower in the morning instead of at night. Experimenting with different shampoos, oils or conditioners may help you find a solution, too. 

4. Try out some new styles. If you're bored with your hair, testing new hair cuts or styles may help. Research all the amazing things you can do on your natural hair. Some updos look absolutely fantastic with curly hair while some complicated braids are easier with straight hair. Seeing all that you can do with your particular hair type or color will help you appreciate your own locks.     

5. Put down the styling tools. Drop the straightener. Ditch the curling iron. If you're the type of girl who's used to dedicating hours to hair styling, try taking a break. Styling tools can damage your hair and can easily turn into a habit so that after a while, you feel like you *need* to curl or straighten your hair just to look "normal." How are you supposed to learn to love your hair if you never wear it naturally? Gather up your courage, and leave the house with natural hair. You'll be surpised by all the compliments you'll receive!

What's your advice for other girls who want to learn to embrace their hair? Let us know in the comments section below!          

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by Lauren Padilla | 2/26/2018