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Skip your post-workout shower *without* grossing everyone out


A morning workout can be just the thing you need to start your day, but if you have to shower right after, it can be tough to make it out the door on time. If you’re breaking any sort of sweat in the a.m., you can feel a little gross simply throwing on your clothes and heading to school. Not to mention the worry that other people might think you stink all day. Follow these tips and tricks so that you can squeeze in your workout while getting to school on time...and still smell fresh as a daisy.

Use dry shampoo.
Get rid of all signs of workout sweat and grease with a quick spray of dry shampoo. It comes in tons of great scents, and it’s insanely quick and easy to use.

Cleansing wipes are your friend.
Pop open a pack of cleansing wipes after a workout and give yourself a wipe down. You’ll get all the freshness without the time-consuming shower.

Wash your face always.
Here’s one you can’t get around: Washing your face post-workout gets rid of all the sweat and bacteria you build up exercising off and prevents acne. You can get away without washing your body after a workout, but washing your face is a must. Don’t forget to moisturize!

Add a little concealer.
Get a little red in the face after a workout? Sweep a little concealer on your face to tame post-workout redness.

Reapply deodorant.
After wiping away the sweat under your armpits, apply more deodorant. It’ll make you feel clean, fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Try a lower impact workout.
Sometimes taking it easy is the best thing for you. If you’re feeling stressed about not having enough time, try some yoga to relax. If you usually run, opt for a quick-paced walk. Lower impact exercise might feel like less work, but getting your body moving in any way you can is what’s really important.

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by Emily Cavanagh | 5/14/2018