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Are you wearing the right bra size?


We’ve all had our moments of valuing style over comfort, but is it really worth it? Should beauty always be pain? It’s time to take control over our understandings of our bodiesand one of the first steps is bra size.

In the beginning, training bras are easy enough to keep track of. They only come in one size, and you haven’t yet developed enough to need to worry about your exact measurement. As the years go by and you continue to grow, though, that changes. But why is it such an important thing to keep track of?

Well, the main answers, among many, are comfort and responsibility. Have you ever spent your entire day wearing a bra that was almost suffocating you? Jabby underwire and almost no breathing room does *not* feel good, trust. It may seem worth it to buy a bra that’s a little snug, as long as the lace design is trendy and it’s one of your favorite colors. But think again.

Wearing tight bras has been proven to be a health risk for many women. If it’s too tight, it can restrict blood circulation. Ouch! So not only does it feel uncomfortable, but it can cause some bad health problems down the line. You definitely don’t want to be dealing with any of that.

Aside from comfort and health concerns, knowing your bra size is an important way to take responsibility and ownership of your body and it's key to growing up and maturing. If you never become familiar with your body, how will you be able to make decisions for your body?

To find out the right size for y-o-u, get measured by a professional. Plenty of stores offer free measuring (like Victoria’s Secret and Nordstroms) so the next time you visit the mall for some shopping, get fitted. Plus, you can even pick up a couple cute new bras while you’re at it.

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by Maggie Medoff | 6/29/2018