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5 quick fixes for chapped lips

The only thing worse than dry skin in the winter? Chapped lips. They burn, they itch, they peel...ugh. While the best solution is to prevent them (with lots of Chapstick, natch), if you do find yourself with a painful pucker, try one of these easy home remedies.

Coconut oil
Yep, yet *another* use for that trendy jar sitting in your pantry. Coconut oil contains fatty acid which helps restore the top layer of your lips, as well as minerals and vitamins (like Vitamin E) which provide antioxidants. Apply as you would lip balm.

The green veggie isn't just for de-puffing eyeslay a couple of slices on your lips for 5 minutes to rehydrate your pout (cucumbers *are* 90 percent water, after all). Plus, the absorbic acid in cucumbers increases the production of collagen in your lips.  

Green tea
The next time you brew yourself a cuppa, save the tea bags. Press them to your lips for a few minutes to allow the tannins from the tea to absorb into your lips, adding moisture.

Sugar scrub
Yikes: The last thing you feel like doing to your poor pucker is rubbing it with a gritty sugar scrub. But exfoliating is key to removing those dead skin cells and peeling pieces. Mix together sugar and honey, then rub gently on your lips. Rinse off and moisturize with Chapstick or coconut oil.

What do you use for chapped lips? Share below! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 12/15/2017