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Five ways to stop chafing this summer

School’s out for summer! It’s all fun and games, until you realize that with summer comes chafing season. You know that dreaded, hated, painful rash caused by friction when your thighs touch. Have no fear, below find five tricks to combat chafing. Try a few, and see which one works best for you!

1. Baby Powder
The tried and true method of combating this inconvenience! Chafing occurs as a combination of moisture, sweat or damp legs after a swim, and friction, so one technique is to dry that moisture, and apply baby powder. It’s often better to start with a light dusting and reapply more frequently then to apply a thick layer and have it potentially clump together and fall off. 

2. Bandelettes
The most chic method is by far bandelettes! Stretchy lace thigh bands that wrap around your thighs to stop rubbing. They are slip proof with two silicones bands at the top and the bottom of the bands, so there is no need for adjustments during the day. Best of all: they are super pretty!

3. Body Glide, Megababe Thigh Rescue, Gold Bond Friction Defense 
All three are included in what we are calling the “stick method.” Just like deodorant, slide to apply as generously as needed. With moisture wicking formulas, they keep your thighs dry and protected. 

4. Compression Shorts, Undersummers
Both can be used either to prevent chafing overall or as a relief if it has already developed and your thighs need a break! Make sure to buy the right sizes, so you’re not constantly pulling them down all afternoon. 

5. A&D Ointment
While it may sound strange initially to use a diaper rash cream, it totally makes sense! Chafing and diaper rash are both caused by friction, and can easily be treated with the right cream. 

Chafing can be a pain when traveling or simply walking around with friends and family. Who wants to ask the group to stop and take a break because of their chafing? Don’t put yourself in a potentially embarrassing and entirely unwanted situation, let’s stop it all together!

Which techniques are you gonna try? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Margot Kohler | 6/2/2018