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3 vitamins you need this summer

Between the sweltering temps and the temptation to eat, well, popsicles for dinner, it's key to get in those vitamins during the summer. But more important than popping a multivitamin is eating nutrient-rich foods. Here's exactly what you should be eating to stay healthy all season long.

Vitamin A 
This vitamin helps to repair any skin damage from the sun's strong UV rays (though it's no replacement for tons of sunscreen, OK?). It also plays a significant role in vision, and cell and bone growth. You can find it in yellow bell peppers, kiwis, strawberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, and dark leafy vegetables, like kale. Sounds like an awesome salad's in your future, right?

Vitamin C 
Vitamin C works to keep your body's sweat glands in good working condition to lower the risk of a heat-related illness such as heat rash or heat exhaustion. To get this vitamin into your system, eat tomatoes, berries, broccoli and oranges. A caprese salad with some strawberries for dessert would be the perfect way to stock up.

Vitamin E
This essential vitamin protects the skin from damage and it can help to boost up your energy. Find it in foods such as tofu, nuts, cooked spinach, lean pork, beef and oily fish. Throw some trail mix in your bag or whip up some tacos to really keep your energy steady all day.

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by Keri Luise | 6/12/2020