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25 Q's every girl has about her bod

Raise your hand if you've found yourself obsessing over a minor imperfection, wanting to completely change how you look, or searching for confirmation that what you're going through is normal. Relatable, right? For 25 years, Girls' Life has been answering q's and empowering girls to learn more about their bodies, so they can feel their best. In celebration of thathere are 25 questions every girl has about her bod.

1. Is stomach hair normal?

Spoiler alert: The answer is yes, though you can wax if you want. Check out this article for a more in-depth explanation.

2. Do I need to fix the gap in my teeth?

While your dentist/orthodontist always knows best, the general consensus is that leaving a gap is NBD—as we covered in this article.

3. How do I deal with dry skin?

If you find your skin needs moisture more than usual, moisturizers and lotions are your new BFF. Research the right ingredients for your skin type—hydrating your skin properly is key.

4. What's my *actual* pants size?

You may be an XS at Forever 21 and an M at JC Penney. You can blame the confusion on inconsistent sizing policies at different stores; some places lie about a size being smaller to make you more likely to buy. Whatever the case, the size of your clothing says nothing meaningful about how you look.

5. How do I get rid of cellulite?

Cellulite is a surprisingly-common lump/dimple caused by fat that has pushed through your skin's connective tissue. We share some advice in this article about how to deal.

6. How can I sweat less?

The struggle is real: from nerves to high temps to working out, there are plenty of sitches that have you sweating throughout your day. While excessive sweat might be a sign of a condition called hyperhidrosis, deodorant with antiperspirants is a quick fix for all.

7. Is it normal to see blue veins on my breasts?

The experts' verdict? The veins are nothing to worry about—they just happen to be closer to the surface of your skin, making them more visible. Read more here.

8. When will I get my period?

There's no magic age to point to here, but if all your friends have theirs, it's normal to feel like the odd girl out. Read more here, and wait patiently—we bet your friends are a little jealous that you don't have to deal just yet! 

9. Should I start waxing?

Everyone's body—and body hair—is different. While shaving unwanted hair is enough for some, waxing can last longer and leave you feeling smoother. If you're ready and can afford it, there's nothing wrong with waxing. Read some advice on how to go about it here.

10. How do I get period stains out of my clothes?

We've got you covered when it comes to this relatable inconvenience with not one but *five* ways to get those stains out, so you can rock your fave jeans again. You'll find the methods in this article.

11. How often should you wash your hair?

Some say every other day, or every day. The truth is, it can vary depending on the type of hair you have. This handy guide has all the advice, whether you're rocking sleek strands or bouncy curls.

12. Why can't I fall asleep?

Lack of shut-eye can be a day-ruiner, and with the endless advice to sift through, it can be hard to find what really works. Here are five tips to make your snooze a little simpler.

13. How do I stop my lips from being so chapped?

It seems you can never have enough lip balm—and even then, your lips are itching and burning. We have a few extra tips in this article to help you have a healthy pout in no time.

14. What do I do to stop pit stains?

Getting sweat stains under your armpits is, well, the pits. But fear not! There are plenty of things you can do to curb the embarrassing stains—read more here

15. How can I become taller?

While height is largely a genetics thing, there are a few lifestyle changes you can make to ensure you reach your maximum height—along with all the other bennies of staying healthy. Peep the advice here.

16. Is there a way to hide stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a natural part of growing. But it's common to want to hide them until they go away. From cocoa butter to longer skirts, here are a few ways to survive stretch marks.

17. How do I find the right bra?

With many, many options and sizes to choose from, finding the right bra is a struggle for the ages. Luckily, GL has a complete guide, so you can keep covered in comfort.

18. Is it normal to have hair between my eyebrows?

Yes! You might be worried that you're going to look like Count Olaf, but in reality, a few extra strands aren't very noticeable. If you want to clean up your brows, take a tweezer to any unwanted hair. (More advice here.)

19. How can I *naturally* clear my skin?

Products can be harsh. And expensive. And confusing. If you're feeling like ditching the drugstore products for something a little more natural, look no further than this article. Things like apple-cider vinegar and mint can help fight your acne!

20. How can I spot skin cancer?

This bod q is especially necessary, as untreated skin cancer can be ultra dangerous. In this piece, a girl who has been through the scary sitch herself shares how she spotted her cancer, and what you can do to stay safe in the sun.

21. What's the best way to whiten my teeth?

Yellow teeth are an unfortunate reality, even for those that follow their dental routine religiously. But getting your teeth professionally whitened is expensive—try one of these cheap, easy hacks instead. 

22. Why do I itch when I leave the water?

As chapped lips are the bane of winter, itchy, dry skin is the enemy of summer—especially when you want to get your swim on. The simple answer is that your body is reacting to the chlorine in the pool (or the salt in the ocean); more details here.

23. How can I stop biting my nails?

If you're a nail-biter, you're not alone. GL's beauty editor struggled with the same prob, and beat it. Here's her story, and her advice on how to stop.

24. How do I stop popping zits?

Bad habits are hard to drop, and popping your zits is one of the worst offenders. We have help: this article will give you the run-down on how to kick this habit to the curb.

25. How can I love my body?

Given the first twenty-four common insecurities on this list, it might seem impossible to think that any girl can love her body. But it's not! Anyone can embrace their bod, insecurities and all. Here's some help from five confident babes that have been there.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/31/2019