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Real-life docs answer *all* your difficult body Qs on TikTok

With a pandemic going on, we're sure its not as easy to readily reach your health care providers to ask those burning questions about puberty or how to adapt your hygiene routines to better suit your changing body. While in any serious health sitch it's your best option, when it comes to minor body matters it can feel uncomfortable to approach the adults in your life. These doctors on TikTok know the struggle and are here to knock down the barriers by answering those difficult—but totally normal—bod Qs. 

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Dermatologist Dr. Joyce's content will give you all the different recipes for glowing skin...literally. Her TikToks cover everything from what foods can cause acne to which ingredients you should look out for in your facial cleansers. She often breaks down medical terms and concepts with real life examples so her information is super easy to apply to your daily skincare routines. 



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Dr. Nicole is a go-to if you have any confusion about menstruation, discharge, the anatomy of the vagina and reproductive system or when you should have your first gynecology visit. She recommends your initial visit to be between the ages of 13 and 15 years old, just to get to know your doctor and get a basic check on your health. According to her, you don't even have to get a physical exam if you aren't experiencing any issues. 

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Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, another great OB-GYN, knows there is a ton of misinformation out there regarding women's health. No, you don't have to shave to in order to be clean (!) and you should never feel ashamed for what you choose to do with your body. Her content is refreshingly blunt and straightforward as she constantly strives for girls and women of all ages to know that her page is a judgment-free zone. She totally welcomes messages and comments with any questions you may have too. 



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Puberty guru Dr. Tessa is a pediatrician whose TikToks are like roadmaps specifically curated for tweens and teens. Interested to know the different reasons to take birth control? Concerned because your body isn't developing as fast as others your age? Dr. Tessa touches on these topics along with mental health, teen health within the LGBTQ+ community and proper nutrition. 

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by Cassandra R Lopez | 9/8/2020