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The GL girl's guide to silky-smooth skin

It's officially shorts season, so, naturally, we all want to look *and* feel our best. Whether you prefer to wax, shave or go au natural this summer, Girls' Life presents your completely stress-free guide to silky-smooth skin.

If you want to shave...

You likely already know the importance of using a fresh blade and how to be super careful around your knees and ankles—but did you know that a rich lather is one of the best ways to keep newly shaven skin smooth? Shaving is a form of exfoliation—which can lead to a damaged skin barrier and dryness. Skip the bar soap and snag a super hydrating cream (try Athena Club Cloud Shave Foam, $9), then earn bonus points by reaching for a razor with a built-in moisturizer, like the Venus Radiant Skin Starter Kit ($40), which helps to lock in hydration as you shave.

If you want to wax...

If you can get past the ouch factor, waxing is ideal when you want smooth, long-lasting results or if you’re prone to irritation and ingrown hairs from shaving. At-home wax strips may have left you with red or irritated skin—which is why we’re switching to a hard wax like Melt Wakse Cosmic Candy Hard Wax Beans ($26). This alternative to the standard stuff is way gentler because it doesn’t grab onto your skin. (It’s also less messy, as you don’t need paper strips.)

If you want to wipe it away...

Depilatories work by breaking down the bonds in hair, getting down to the follicle, then essentially dissolving hair so you can easily wipe it away. They can be such a game-changer (easy! fast! cheap!), but depilatories are strong stuff, so stick to areas like the legs rather than, say, your bikini line or armpits. Before you begin, try a patch test on a small section to see how your skin will react, especially if your skin generally tends to be sensitive (depilatories can cause irritation and, yikes, even burns, so please proceed with caution). Try the Nair Hair Remover & Beauty Treatment Seaweed Leg Mask ($9), which exfoliates, smoothes and minimizes regrowth.

If you want to go au naturel...

Maybe you’ve never shaved at all...or maybe you learned to love your fuzzy, unshaven legs in lockdown. Whatever your reason, know that body hair is normal and natural and serves an important purpose! And you definitely don’t need to remove your hair to enjoy smooth, soft skin. Treat your grassier areas (think: legs, underarms, bikini line) to some extra TLC by hydrating the hairs. We love Fur Oil ($46), a luxe blend that will soften hair and clear pores in your most sensitive spots. Or, if you’re growing things out after shaving, try the Fur Stubble Cream ($38), which also calms sensitivity and prevents ingrowns from popping up.

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by GL | 7/1/2021