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An end to ingrown hairs

What are those huge painful pimples I get next to my bikini line, and what should I do?

They might look like pimples, but don’t try to pop them! They’re actually ingrown hairs. Shaving and even the elastic of your underwear rubbing against your bikini line can cause bumps. Dermatologist Dr. Nancy Silverberg of Newport Beach, Calif., recommends using an anti-bacterial soap to wash the bikini area before shaving.

Also, keep your shaving ritual to once a week, and don’t rub body lotion on that area after shaving. If the bumps become inflamed, try an over-the-counter treatment cream, like Surgi-Bikini Relief by Ardell, to relieve redness and irritation. You might also want to try sporting looser underwear.

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by GL | 2/1/2016