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GL's top 100 embarrassing moments

You've shared your most embarrassing moments with Girls' Life readers in the mag and on the Web since 1994. Put down that drink and take a seat, girlie, 'cause here are 100 of our favorite blush much moments.
  • whats-that-smell.jpg
    What's that smell?
    1. My grandma and I went shopping. While in the dressing room, I had to pee really bad. Suddenly, I couldn’t hold it any longer and peed in my un-bought jeans. I grabbed perfume from my purse and sprayed the pants so they wouldn’t smell. I almost died when the clerk was checking us out. Fortunately, she didn’t see the huge stain and I went straight home to wash off all the evidence.
    2. I saw my crush in line for the bumper cars at the fair, so I went to talk to him after the ride. He was laughing because it turns out I had been in a bumper car a kid threw up in. Barf was smeared all over my rear!
    3. I went to the doctor's office because I thought I might have a bladder infection. When I was leaving I saw my crush, and he saw my pee in a cup! If that wasn't bad enough, my mom dropped it and it spilled on his new shoes!
    4. There I was taking my dog for a walk. I started getting tired after about 20 minutes, so I sat down on a bench at the park. I was petting my dog when I noticed a group of boys from my class walking by. I was trying to act all mature, until I felt something warm on my leg. The boys started cracking up, and when I looked down, I saw that my dog had mistaken my leg for a fire hydrant! I was so embarrassed that I ran straight home.
    5. As I was using a public bathroom, I noticed there was no toilet paper in my stall. With my pants down, I hopped over and grabbed some from the next stall. Just as I was hobbling back, someone walked into the restroom and saw me…and then walked right back out.
    6. I was hanging upside down from the monkey bars on the playground. My BFF said something that made me laugh so hard I peed myself! The pee ran down my arms and I couldn’t gain control to flip myself over to stop it.
    7. OUR FAVE! I brought in a pastrami-cheese ball for my school Christmas party, but my class didn’t like it so much. After the party, I had over half of a 3-pound ball left. I put it in my locker to take home at the end of the day, but I forgot it. Over our three-week holiday break, the school janitors had to pry open my locker to get to the pastrami ball. It was totally rotten and had stunk up the whole school. After break, it was announced over the intercom that the owner of locker 773 had to bring in an air freshener due to the smell, so everyone knew it was mine.
  • wardrobe-malfunction.jpg
    Wardrobe malfunction


    8. I was hanging out with my crush and his friends at his pool. My bikini top fell off and all the guys were staring and laughing at me. My crush said, "Whoa, who knew she had boobs!"


    9. I was on a retreat in the mountains with my church group, and we were getting ready to go horseback riding. I put on my favorite jeans, which were a tiny bit tight, and was waiting with some others to walk to the barn. I started feeling a little light-headed. Then I feel off the porch and fainted! When I came to, everybody was bent over staring at me. I had to borrow someone else’s jeans so I would not faint again.


    10. I stuffed my bra to impress my crush. I forgot about it in gym class and did a perfect handstand. My shirt slid down, and cotton balls spilled all over the ground!


    11. I went to a party at my crush's house. He had a trampoline and I have been taking gymnastics for two years. I decided to show off my moves. As I got on the trampoline, I flashed my crush a flirty smile. I started to do all sorts of flips and bends and everyone was impressed. When I landed in a final pose, I smiled and took a bow. Then, I heard everyone gasp and I saw everyone staring at me. I looked down and I saw my boob had popped out of my shirt. I was humiliated!


    12. My family went to Six Flags, and my dad and I went on a ride in which you went a few hundred feet in the air slowly and then dropped really fast. There was a huge crowd at the bottom. When the ride dropped, my shirt flew up because of how fast the drop was—and it was the one day I didn't wear a bra!


    13. I decided I needed boobs because I was tired of not having any, so I put water balloons in my sports bra. During recess, I played football with my crush and some other cute boys. I had the ball, and my crush tackled me. My water boobs burst all over both of us! We were soaked and had to call our parents for a change of clothes.


    14. I was at the pool with my friends, and I squeezed into a baby inner tube. I tried to get it off, but it was stuck. It finally came off—along with my suit bottom. “It’s a full moon tonight!” my friends yelled.


    15. OUR FAVE! I was at the beach on a class trip. I was trying to impress all the boys by wearing my sister’s two-piece bathing suit. It was too big. When I went swimming, a big wave came and my bathing suit top fell right off. I was screaming, so the lifeguard thought I was drowning! He jumped in and dragged my back to the beach, and he didn’t realize that the only thing wrong with me was that I was topless! My whole class saw me. The shame!

  • center-stage.jpg
    Center stage


    16. After I got out of the shower, I was dancing around to the radio as I swung my towel around, letting myself air dry. It wasn't until the song was over that I realized the blinds were open and my crush was mowing the lawn across the street, watching me dance naked!


    17. My best friend and I manage the boys’ lacrosse team. We were setting up the microphones in the press box while the team was warming up, and we were watching them and talking about which ones we thought were the cutest. We saw the team staring and laughing at us, and then we realized—the mikes were on! Everyone in the stadium heard.


    18. The day I was to perform in the school play, I was too nervous to eat. The last scene, a funeral situation, was supposed to be really somber. During a moment of silence, my stomach growled—LOUD, like a tiger. The audience heard it through the microphones, and someone shouted, “The dead guy’s alive!”


    19. In my town, we always have an annual fashion show. This year I was old enough (finally!) to enter, so I did. As I was changing into my clothes, I realized that I didn't have a strapless bra, so I decided to go without one. Just as I was about to make that 360, my dress, which was a little loose at the chest, fell. EVERYONE, including my family, school friends, and CRUSH was staring at my bare boobs!! Talk about embarrassing!


    20. OUR FAVE! I was receiving an award during an assembly and as I was stepping offstage, my friend was coming up. We both went up for a high five, but because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking, I tripped and my hand went in a different direction. I hit her full on in the face, in front of the ENTIRE school. The nurse even ran up to see if she was okay. Ironic part? My award was for being a kind person and having no violent physical contact in school.

  • crush-confessions.jpg
    Crush confessions


    21. I am the student council secretary at my school, and the dorkiest guy ever is the president. Once, when he finished the morning announcements, he told me that he had a huge crush on me. We started to hear laughter coming from the classrooms—he had forgotten to turn off the speaker!


    22. I was riding the bus with this cute guy. I was being silly and stuck my head out the window at a passing car. As I turned my head, a branch smacked me right in the face. Ouch!


    23. For our last day of school, we got a dunk tank. I was having loads of fun, until it was my turn to go in. When it was my crush’s turn to try and dunk me, I got so nervous that I actually fell in before he even had a chance to hit the target. Very smooth.


    24. I live next door to my crush, and his brother’s window looks into mine. I love Justin Bieber and I have his poster on my wall. One day, I started to kiss it. When I came up for air, I looked around and saw my crush laughing as he watched me make out with a poster.


    25. Two months ago, I was skiing and fell on my head. I got a concussion and I finally woke up in a hospital with my family and friends standing all around me. All of a sudden, my crush walked into the room and my heart started racing really fast! Sadly enough, I was connected to a heart monitor so you could here my heart pumping like crazy!


    26. I decided to play a little joke. My friends all know I’m totally in love with this guy. So I told them he had asked me out. I said he told me he might be in love with me. My friends stared in shock—they could hardly believe it—but they did. My story was getting good when I heard a voice say, “So, when did all this happen?” It was him!


    27. I was at this cute guy’s house for a barbecue and wanted to impress him. When I saw a huge trampoline in the back yard, I thought, “Why don’t I show him my great athletic ability by jumping super high and doing a flip?” I started jumping and when I had his attention—and everyone else’s—I did the flip. But when I landed, the springs broke, the canvas ripped, and I fell right through the trampoline! I cried from embarrassment, and the guy cracked up.


    28. I slept over at my friend’s house. I have the biggest crush on her bro, and I sleepwalk. I walked into his room in the middle of the night and sat on his bed, mumbling something that woke him up. He just yelled at me to get out of his room!


    29. I was eating at this pizza place when this cute guy asked if he could sit next to me. He sat down and I asked if he wanted some Parmesan cheese on his slice. As I shook it on, the top came off. The whole jar of cheese fell on his pizza! He said, ‘Ok, that’s good.’


    30. OUR FAVE! After missing three days of school, my crush asked to borrow my notebook to copy the notes he missed. I gave him my notebooks—history, math, art…and my personal one by mistake. The next morning, he said, “I didn’t know there was a whole chapter on me.”

  • parent-probs.jpg
    Parent probs


    31. I was slow dancing with my crush at my birthday party. My mom came in the room, looked at the guy and whistled. She said, “You’re even cuter than Tammy described.” I was mortified.


    32. My mom was the substitute teacher for my homeroom one day. After taking roll, she started talking to the entire class, include my crush, about how cute my butt was when I was a baby! I was mortified.


    33. For my birthday, my family took my friend and me to a cabin near Lake Michigan. When we got there, it was lunchtime, and my dad made hot dogs. My friend asked for buns and my dad stood up, mooned her and said, “Here are two.” I haven’t seen my friend since.


    34. My mom chaperoned my class trip to the Ohio Caverns. She videotaped everything for the class to watch later. Everyone loved it but, afterward, there was a home video of me singing and jumping around to “Dancing Queen” by Abba. People imitated me for weeks.


    35. I asked my mom if I could get some thong underwear. I thought all was OK until I overheard her on the phone with her best friend—who happens to be my crush’s mom—saying, “My little baby wants to wear a thong. Can you believe it? She’s growing up too fast.” I wanted to die.


    36. I was sleeping over at a friend’s house, and I was really hyper. We went to the kitchen for sodas, and we thought everyone else was asleep. So I was dancing and singing, “I like ice. Ice is nice,” repeatedly. Little did I know, her dad was awake. He came in, clapped and asked if he should break out his guitar to join in the show.


    37. We were playing Truth or Dare at my BFF’s sleepover. I was dared to go to her brother’s room and say, “Goodnight, darling,” in a deep voice. I did it, but I had the wrong room. Her dad yawned and said, “Girls, please, go to bed.”


    38. When I was 12, my mom thought it would be nice to surprise me at school. So during lunch, she showed up in the caf—dressed as a clown! She saw with my friends, pulled out her lunchbox and refused to de-clown for the rest of the day. I could have died.


    39. OUR FAVE! I was working at a local store my boyfriend’s stepdad owned. I’d sneak on the phone at night to talk to my BF. I had to ring up a customer, so I told him I’d call him right back. When he picked up the phone, I joked, “I’m a bad girl.” But his stepdad, my boss, answered. He handed the phone to my BF and said, “The bad girl is on the phone for you.”

  • sports-spaz.jpg
    Sports spaz


    40. My boyfriend and I went to a football game. I was bored, so I fell asleep. When I woke up, I started cheering to impress him, but it was halftime!


    41. I was extremely excited about starting in the season’s first basketball game, and I wound up getting the tip-off. I ran down the court as fast as I could and made a perfect layup, then headed back up the court with a huge smile on my face. But when I glanced at my boyfriend, he was cracking up. I had scored in the wrong basket.


    42. I was goalie during a game of soccer in my gym class. I was goofing off, kicking my leg up into the net, letting it get caught and pulling it out again. The ball was coming my way, so I tried to quickly pull my foot from the net—but it wouldn’t come out! I stumbled, and the whole net came crashing down on me. Real swift.


    43. A camp counselor said if I could hit him with a water balloon, he’d give everyone popsicles. I threw it and pegged him! Unfortunately, my aim was off. I hit him right below the belt. He looked like he was going to cry.


    44. I bought this great hair extension to make my hair look longer. I had worn it all day at the rec center, and I liked it so much that I didn’t want to take it off for the volleyball game. As I dove for the ball, my beautiful long hair went flying under the net and across the gym floor. My coach screamed, “Rat!” I was shocked to see both teams fleeing from the “rat.”


    45. I was up to bad during a softball game, and my mom stood up and screamed, “Go, Kater-Tater!” I could have killed her. And I struck out.


    46. OUR FAVE! I am a cheerleader on my high school spirit squad. On the day of our biggest game, I was running late. I ran into the locker room and changed as quickly as possible. When I was done, I ran out onto the field carrying my bag. Unfortunately, I forgot to zip up my bag and my extra pair of underwear flew out onto the field! I didn't even notice until halftime when the captain of the football team came on the P.A. and said, "Someone dropped their pink underwear that says 'Sassy Cat' on the field! Please come and claim them". I was bright red when I went to claim them! Now, the whole football team calls me "Sassy Cat"!!

  • panty-raid.jpg
    Panty raid


    47. It was a lazy summer day, so I decided to do laundry. My brother and his friends were hanging out in the basement, but I thought they had left so I threw my dirty laundry down the steps. Turns out they were on their way up the stairs, and all my bras and panties fell on them. Mortifying.


    48. I was standing in front of the class when a girl yelled that my zipper was down. Everyone could see that I was wearing a pair of underwear that said “Sunday,” even thought it was Thursday!


    49. I was shopping with my friend at the mall. She dared me to go to the dressing room and dress like a geek. When I came out, my crush was standing there with his friends. I had a pair of underwear on my head and a bra on over my shirt.


    50. I had a huge crush on my brother’s friend. They’re both freshmen in high school and I’m a grade lower. They get home from school an hour earlier than me. On my walk home I decided I was going to tell my brother’s friend that I like him. When I got home I found my brother and my crush in the front yard, using my bras as slingshots. They were stuck in the trees everywhere. The neighbors came out and laughed!


    51. My mom and I were shopping for underwear in a large store. When I saw my crush, I raced to the juniors section and pretended I was buying some cool stuff. My crush saw me, and we talked. Suddenly, an announcement over the speaker system went, “Jenny, would you please return to the lingerie department. Your mom is waiting here, and she is really worried.”


    52. OUR FAVE! I left my clothes in the dryer at summer camp. When I went back to take them out, these two hot guys were trying on my bras. Weird.

  • public-humiliation.jpg
    Hold the applause: Public humiliation


    53. My friends and I were at McDonalds, and there weren’t enough chairs at the table. There was a highchair, so I decided to sit in it. Bad idea. When it was time to go, I couldn’t get out. After 10 minutes of really hard work, I finally struggled out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when I got out, everyone in the restaurant started clapping and cheering.


    54. My BF and have I been dating for seven months. We went to the movies and during it he kissed me. We both have braces and my rubber bands were in. Somehow my rubber bands got caught in his braces! We couldn't see anything in the theater and had to end up telling one of the movie theater people! It was horrible, but we laugh at it now.


    55. I was in our apartment building’s elevator, which is always empty. So I did a handstand against a wall, just to see what it would feel like. Next thing I knew, the doors opened, and a couple stared in. What could I say? They just backed away from the elevator slowly.


    56. I was in one of those tiny airplane bathrooms and couldn’t figure out how to lock the door. So I just left it unlocked. As I was trying to zip my jeans, I accidentally hit the door too hard with my elbow, and it swung open. I fell out of the bathroom—zipper still unzipped—and to the floor with an enormous thud. Everyone turned around, and I sat on the ground laughing like a goofball.


    57. There’s a huge fountain at the mall, and I wanted to throw in a penny for luck. I stood up on the tile around the fountain. As I was about to toss my coin, SPLASH! I slipped and took a belly flop right into the water in front of about 25 people. So much for good luck!


    58. I was in a hurry getting my book for class, and I accidentally shut my shoelace in my locker door. I didn’t notice right away, and when I tried to stand up to walk to class, I fell backward and sent my books flying!


    59. One afternoon, I had some cute guys over. My baby sister’s intercom was in the TV room, and she started to cry. I went to comfort her and sang “My Heart Will Go On” because she loves that song. When I went back to my friends, they were all laughing and imitating me. I totally forgot about the intercom.


    60. It was my birthday, and my friend and I were going to watch movies at my house. I hopped in the shower, and since no one was home, I thought it would be OK to run downstairs and grab a shirt out of the dyer. What I didn’t know what that my friend was throwing a surprise party for me. Most of the ninth grade was downstairs. When they flipped the lights on, I was startled and slipped on the stairs. It gets even worse—my towel fell off!


    61. It was my first day at camp and I was trying to make a good impression. Well, I was taking out the garbage, which was down a set of stairs, and it had just finished raining so the stairs were wet. I slipped down the stairs and rolled right off the balcony, five feet to the ground. I was still clutching the garbage can! Everyone was laughing.


    62. OUR FAVE! I was cheerleading at a summer league game, and I spelled my team’s name wrong. Instead of “J-O-S-E-P-H-S,” I said, “J-O-E-P-H-S.” The cheer goes, “What’s that spell?” A guy in the crowd yelled, “I don’t know!”

  • ride-em-cowgirl.jpg
    Ride 'em, cowgirl!


    63. I went to the store with my BFF and her dad. He dared me to ride one of those plastic horses you ride for a quarter. I accepted the challenge and hopped on the pony. Just as I let out a “yee-ha!” my friend’s face went white and she hid behind her dad. I looked around to find my crush and his friends laughing at me.


    64. One time all my friends and cousins were over, and we were playing on a hill where my family’s horses roam. I jumped into a wheelbarrow and my stepdad started pushing me down the hill. I was laughing so hard, and when the wheelbarrow hit a bump, I flew out and landed on the ground—face down in horse manure.


    65. OUR FAVE! When I was little, my dad and I were at the toy store and I was clinging to his leg. I saw a really neat toy and walked over to look at it. I went back to my dad, grabbed his leg and was saying, “Giddy-up!” All of a sudden, I heard a strange man say, “Sorry, kid, you got the wrong leg!”

  • classroom-capers.jpg
    Classroom capers


    66. The first day of school, my teacher played a game to learn our names. When she called on me, I was daydreaming about my crush, and I mindlessly said his name instead of mine. Even my crush laughed!


    67. I was running late for Spanish, and when I entered the room, everyone was already seated. I said “hola” to the teacher, and she gave me a funny look. I had walked into French class.


    68. One day when I was in math class, I bent over in my chair to get my binder out of my backpack. This guy who sits next to me said, “nice underwear.” A girl who sits across from us said, “at least you didn't see her butt, its way worse.”


    69. I was sitting in the field, reading my book at lunch. I was really involved in a great chapter. After I finished, to my surprise, no one else was outside! I jumped up to run in, but as I was going through the field, the sprinklers came on. I walked into my classroom soaking wet and slipped on the tile floor.


    70. My fifth-grade class was having our puberty program with the nurse. She asked if anyone didn’t wear a bra yet. I raised my hand, thinking there would be others. But no one else raised their hand! I was so embarrassed. The only good part is that there were no boys there.


    71. We were dissecting frogs in science. It was totally gross, and I felt queasy and fainted! A classmate poured water all over me. I woke up and everyone was saying, “She’s dead! She’s dead!”


    72. OUR FAVE! We were in health class (co-ed, natch), learning about “the female reproduction system.” I was half daydreaming when the teacher called on me. I’d only vaguely heard what he was saying, so I said what I thought would be a reasonable answer: “Uh, vagina?” The whole class cracked up, and my crush leaned over and whispered, “Steph, we’ve moved on to fallopian tubes.”

  • teacher-trauma.jpg
    Teacher trauma


    73. I needed to ask a question in science class. When I raised my hand, I accidentally smacked my teacher’s boob. It got her attention—and everyone else’s!


    74. I don’t normally use the girls’ room in my high school because it’s disgusting. But one day I had to go, so I snuck into the teachers’ lav. When I flushed the toilet, it flooded. Just then, my math teacher entered and saw me standing next to the overflowing toilet. She made me write, “I will not use the teachers’ lavatory ever again,” 500 times.


    75. One time at the mall me and my besties were walking along when I saw a guy from the back and thought he was my BF. I went up and tickled his sides to be cute. When he turned around, I saw that it wasn't my BF but my very short history teacher instead! For the rest of the school year he called me the "tickle monster!" How embarrassing!


    76. In science, we were reading about how mother snakes hold the babies in their mouths for protection. My teacher pretended she was a baby snake and said, “Hold me!” Playing along with her, I said, “Bite me!” As soon as it slipped out, I realized what I’d said. The entire class stared at me, and I sunk into my chair.


    77. As I was walking down the hall one day, one of my teachers came up and put her arm around me. To be polite, I attempted to put my arm around her, but missed. I ended up having my hand on her butt. She took her arm off of me and gave me the weirdest look. So awkward!


    78. I bought some new spring clothes and was excited to wear this one shirt to school. I got lots of compliments on it. That is, until geography. My teacher was wearing the exact same shirt! I wore a sweatshirt over it for the rest of the day.


    79. OUR FAVE! I was totally excited when we got our yearbooks. I flipped through the book and wrote a comment next to each teacher’s picture. On my English teacher Ms. Penn’s page, I wrote in huge letters, “Mr. Morgan’s potential love,” because I always thought she and my science teacher would make a good couple. Later that day, I got Ms. Penn to sign my yearbook. She wrote next to my comment, “I don’t think so.” Ha!

  • smooth-real-smooth.jpg
    Smooth. Real smooth.


    80. I was chomping on my pen in study hall when I saw my crush. Trying to look cool, I took my pen out of my mouth and waved to him. Unfortunately, spit came flying out of the pen cap!


    81. My friend and I were in line at the movies when I spotted my BF buying a ticket…with another girl! I marched up there and yelled, “Josh, you traitor!” as I yanked the back of his shirt. He turned around, and it wasn’t my boyfriend! I was so embarrassed that I bought their popcorn.


    82. My friend and I went rollerblading, and she said, “Why are there no cute guys in your neighborhood?”  Just as she said it, this cute guy whizzed by and turned back to look at us.  My friend looked at him and said, “Oh, sorry, you’re fine.”


    83. I accidentally knocked over the saltshaker during lunch. I am superstitious and went to toss some salt over my shoulder. I picked up the shaker and, instead of tossing a little behind me, I threw the whole shaker and hit this guy in the eye! Now, he always asks me to pass the salt.


    84. I went to one of my brother’s outdoor soccer games and it was super cold, so I surrendered to the weather and stayed in the car for the rest of the game. I’d been in there for maybe ten minutes when a guy wearing a ski mask came over to the car and tried to open the door. I totally freaked out and started honking the horn and yelling. Then the kid took off the mask. It was my crush, and he was trying to ask me out.


    85. Me and my friends on my dance team always do this "butt slapping" game. One day, I was walking through the hall and saw one my friends bending over. I thought it was her because she was wearing sweat pants, which she does on her "lazy" days. I ran up to her and slapped her butt. The person jumped and banged their head on the locker. It was my crush.


    86. We were goofing around in the hallway when my friends and I noticed an open locker. We thought it would be funny if I got inside of it since I’m small. But my friends accidentally locked me in, and they had to go to the office to get help. The principal had to find the kid assigned to that locker to come and unlock it.


    87. I was trick-or-treating with friends, and we went to a house with a statue that held a bowl of candy on the porch. There was a note instructing us to only take one piece. Instead, I grabbed a handful and playfully punched the statue. Suddenly, the “statue” yelped and dropped the bowl. We ran away quickly.


    88. My mom and I were at Taco Bell, and she told me to get a table while she ordered. I saw one with a half-eaten burrito and some trash, so I cleared it and sat down. This cutie walked up and asked what happened to his food. He had just gone for a drink refill!


    89. OUR FAVE! I was swimming in the wave pool at a water park. I dove under a wave and popped back up...inside someone else’s inner tube. I looked up into the face of a really cute guy. I was so embarrassed that I took a deep breath, plunged down to the bottom and swam away.

  • i-meant-to-do-that.jpg
    I meant to do that.


    90. At lunch, I slurped a big spoonful of Jell-O and gagged. But I kept talking to my friends and the guy I like. He stared at me and said, “Tricia, Jell-O is oozing out of your nose.”


    91. I’m totally paranoid about my facial hair, so I decided to use Nair. I rubbed it all over my face and forgot all about my eyebrows. Well, guess what? The Nair found them, and I was browless for weeks.


    92. I was in sixth period, chewing on my pen like I always do, when it burst in my mouth. My whole face was covered in black ink. It was so disgusting, and everyone made fun of me for days.


    93. We had Crazy Hair Day at school, so I teased mine out and dyed it temporarily blue. Too bad I got the date mixed up—Crazy Hair Day was really the following Friday. Everyone stared at me all day and called me a Smurf!


    94. My friends and I were doing makeovers. One friend started plucking my eyebrows, but she pulled too many from one side. So she used an electric shaver to even them out. When she finished, both of my eyebrows were gone. The next day, we penciled eyebrows on, but mine smeared. My crush saw me, and he joked about my browless eyes all day.


    95. OUR FAVE! It was my crush’s b-day and I was psyched. When his mom walked out with the cake, I turned around to see the look on his face. As I turned, my hair swiped the cake and instantly caught fire. To top it off, I had to get my hair cut really short. Ugh!

  • i-love-my-sibs-really.jpg
    I love my sibs. Really.


    96. I was going to treat my friends to a movie with my babysitting money. When the time came to buy the tickets, I reached into my pocket for my cash. Instead, I pulled out a wad of play money! My sister had put it there as a joke.


    97. My sister loves Barbies. We were in the car, and she asked me to play with her. I refused, but Mom said, “Please, just play with your sister. Reluctantly, I went ahead and played Barbies. As soon as my sister gave me one, I spotted a cute boy in a car next to us. We made eye contact, and I was so out of breath I clutched my chest—with the Barbie still in my hands. The boy looked at me like I was crazy. “Barbie lover!”


    98. My sister and I were playing Marco Polo at the pool. It was my turn to be “it,” so I called out, “Marco!” My sister yelled, “Polo!” so I went in for the kill. I pinched her butt and said, “Gotcha!” I opened my eyes and realized I had just grabbed an ugly guy’s rear end.


    99. My crush was coming to my house to hang out, and my brother tortured me while I got ready. He pulled my undies out from my jeans and gave me a big wedgie. My mom had let my crush in, and he was standing there laughing as my bro stretched my underwear up to my neck.


    100. OUR FAVE! A month before Christmas, my 5-year-old sister found my maxi-pads under the bathroom sink. She asked what the napkins under the counter were for, and I said they were for special occasions. That Christmas, my sister put pads all over the table when she set it. I had to explain to everyone why she did it.

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