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This girl stepped in dog poop at the *worst* time

I've been chatting with my crush, Steven, all through quarantine and when he asked if I wanted to go for a walk last week I couldn't blurt out "YES" fast enough. We went to a local park that has a long trail and it felt like a dream. We were talking and joking and he looked so stinking cute. Anyway, speaking of stinking...about 20 minutes into our stroll, Steven looked over at me and said, "Do you smell that?" My nose has been kind of stuffed up lately so I didn't smell anything. We kept walking and then Steven stopped *again* and said, "Listen, I'm having a great time but this smell is making me want to puke." He checked the bottom of his shoes but they were clear, and then he asked me to lift mine. Sure enough, my left shoe was covered in a big, gross dog poop. I was so entranced in our date that I didn't even realize it! I tried to rub it off on a curb but to be honest it just made the smell worse. Steven was so grossed out that he suggested we go home and meet up another time...thanks, dog!

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by GL | 6/25/2020