Blush Much

"My crush overheard what?!" We've got even more awkward (and hilarious) Zoom moments...

"The other day, I thought I was muted, but I wasn't...That's when my mom yells, 'Here are your clear bras, Claire!' The worst part? My crush is in that class." - Claire H. 

"I was in Zoom math class and it was so boring that I'd completely zoned out. I started singing 'drivers license' under my breath (I'm *not* a good singer, BTW) and my teacher says, 'Would you like to share those thoughts with the whole class?' I was mortified." - Lydia V. 

"I had just excused myself from Zoom class to go use the bathroom, but 5 minutes later I felt my period start. I had to write in the chat *again* asking to leave and I could totally feel everyone looking at me weird...even through the screen." - Jessica M. 

"A few weeks ago, I logged on for my science study group meeting at 3, when I thought it started. Turns out it started at 2:30 and I was seriously late. I felt sooo awkward just jumping into the middle of the conversation." - Trinity K.

"In the middle of an after-class review sesh, I private messaged my teacher saying I had to go to the doctor about a rash I had and would have to leave a couple minutes early. Turns out, I sent it to the whole group—including my not-so-secret embarrassing."  - Brinley T. 

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by GL | 1/22/2021