Blush Much

Blush Much? Shoe-Lifter


My friend and I were shopping at the mall and this really cute guy was working at the shoe store. My friend didn't find anything she liked so she went to the store next door to look at earrings while I tried on shoes. I found this super adorable pair of shoes and they only had one pair left in my size. When I saw another lady looking at them, I quickly ran out to grab my friend for a second opinion. I was in such a hurry that I forgot that was still wearing the first pair that I'd tried on. As soon as I left the door, the alarm went off. The really cute guy chased after me and stopped me in the middle of the mall and kept me there until security came! He told security that I had tried to steal the shoes. I was so humiliated. I NEVER go to that store anymore!


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8/14/2007 12:01:27 PM