Survey Says

Get ready for the first day of school by answering these Qs

It's time to head back to school! But before you do, we know you've gotta hit up the stores for some new supplies! So, let's settle a few of the biggest school supplies debates once and for all...

1. Do you have individual folders for every subject or an accordion folder? 

2. Do you prefer black or blue ink?

3. Are you reading your textbooks online or IRL? 

4. Do you prefer a classic yellow highlighter or do you change it up with colored ones? 

5. Would you rather doodle in a binder or notebook?

6. Do you write in pen or pencil? 

7. What’s better: wide ruled or college ruled? 

8. When you take notes do you take them on paper or a tablet? 

9. Do you carry a backpack or a tote to school? 

10. Will you cover your textbooks with book covers or leave them alone? 

Share your answers in the comments below!


by Aly Prouty | 8/20/2017