January New Year, New You Giveaway: Week 1 Winners

Our No. 1 resolution? Absolutely owning it in 2016. Our January New Year, New You Giveaway is here to help kick off the new year with freebies that will have you looking—and feeling—fab 24/7. Pamper yourself with ahh-worthy body essentials. Stay fit with the best workout gear around. Watch out, world! This is so gonna be your year.


January 1: Earbud headband

Emma B.- Wiona, MN

Morgan B.- Alpha, NH

Kayla R.- Prescott, AZ

Hailee F.- Rockledge, FL

Lauren W.- San Jose, CA 

January 2: Miir Slate Bottle

Sara S.- Winchester, VA

Bailey B.- Grand Rapids, MI

Serenity B.- Mattoon, WI

January 3: Workout gear from Caelum

Ellie B.- Mt.Holly Springs, PA

Karter H.- Columbia, MD

Jewel A.- Bismarck, ND

Elise A.- Albuquerque, NM

Aidan L.- Middleton, WI

Sierra W.- Lake Forest, CA

Joann S.- ANn Arbor, MI

Taylor T.- Lafayette, IN 

Allie S.- Aurora, OH

January 4: FreeSteps6 Crampons Sneakers

Alex S.- Naperville, IL

Lucy O.- Harwich, MA

Hannah M.- Valencia, CA 


January 5: The Yoga Mat from Fabletics

Christiana S.- Union, NJ


January 6: Graphene XT PWR Instinct Tennis Racquet

Belle S.- Coventry, RI

Shea E. - West Linn, OR 


January 7: Purple Fitness Mat

Amber L.- Riley, MI

Callan D.- Brooklyn Park, MN

Nicole R.- Lincoln, CA 


** PLEASE NOTE: ONLY DAILY GIVEAWAY WINNERS ARE POSTED. If you won one of our special contests, you will automatically receive your goodies in the mail. Please allow at least 6 weeks for your prize to be delivered. If you have not received your prize after 6 weeks, please email Girls' Life is not responsible for any prizes 12 weeks after the date you have won.


** Please be patient! We post winners every Friday afternoon and they should be up before 6 p.m. EST


by GL | 2/1/2016