January New Year, New You Giveaway: Week 2 Winners


Our No. 1 resolution? Absolutely owning it in 2016. Our January New Year, New You Giveaway is here to help kick off the new year with freebies that will have you looking—and feeling—fab 24/7. Pamper yourself with ahh-worthy body essentials. Stay fit with the best workout gear around. Watch out, world! This is so gonna be your year. 


January 8: Passion Fruit headbands from Kitsch

Adrienne G.- Reminderville, OH

Kalea P.- Grand Junction, CO

Quinn L.- Olathe, KS


January 9: Achieve Sneakers from Ryka

Sierra C.- St. Johns, FL

Lydia H.- Norfolk, VA
Gina N.- Antelope, CA

January 10: Original Torpedo skateboard from Kryptonics

Callie H.- Urbandale, IA

Arielle O.-  Las Vegas, NV

Ashley D.- Lancaster, PA

January 11: 6 month membership to FitFusion

Jennifer S.- Lake Mary, FL

Erin S.- Chelmsford, MA

Kylie L.- Edgewater, NJ

Taylor R.- White Bear Lake, MN

Brittany J.- Albany, WI


January 12: Rejuvenate Hydration Bottle from Trudeau

Renee G.- Lewiston, ME

Gwyneth T.- Redlands, CA

Sophie U.- Amherst, NH 

Athena A.- Eugene, OR

Florence T.- Glendora, CA

January 13: Colorful Shoes ties from Shoeps

Essence J.- Natchez, MS

Gina L.-  Herndon, VA

Cheryl F.- Fort Wayne, IN 

Angie L.- St.Anthony, MN

Amber L.- Riley, MI


January 14: Motivate Wrap from Momentum

Maeve D.- Huntington Woods, MI

Emily L.- Wallace, ID

Devon F.- Brockton, MA 

Natalie B.- Washburn, IL 

Sophia Z.- Baltimore, MD




** PLEASE NOTE: ONLY DAILY GIVEAWAY WINNERS ARE POSTED. If you won one of our special contests, you will automatically receive your goodies in the mail. Please allow at least 6 weeks for your prize to be delivered. If you have not received your prize after 6 weeks, please email Girls' Life is not responsible for any prizes 12 weeks after the date you have won.


** Please be patient! We post winners every Friday afternoon and they should be up before 6 p.m. EST



by GL | 2/1/2016