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Sneak a peek at our June/July issue starring Grace Phipps!


Here's a sneak peek at all the surprises in our new issue...

On sale and in mailboxes May 12th!


A quick note from the editors...


You asked...and we listened.


GL girls have spoken—and you want to see yourself (and more real girls, like you!) in the magazine. Well, we listened—and we've come up with tons of tiny ways that Y-O-U can appear on our next set of pages. Look for the *Be in the mag! prompts below for specific ideas on how you can submit your snaps. But feel free to be creative, too—we want to see how you're living the life of a true GL girl, so share your pictures and thoughts on all things GL by tagging #GLgirl and @girlslifemag on Instagram or Twitter. Not on social media? Just post your thoughts and photos right here in the comments.






Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell and the rest of the Teen Beach 2 cast spill on the funniest on-set moments, craziest costumes, and everything else you're dying to know about TB2.





Make a splash
Strut your stuff in the sand with the best suit for your shape, from apple to athletic. 





Pop of color

These bold brights pack a serious punch. 






Fish out of water

Get mermaid-ready with our step-by-step guide to the best braid of the season.  




Ocean inspiration

These sweet sea shades make for the perfect vacay mani.


Photo credit: Instagram @Hannahroxit  






Summer lovin'

Whether you're bummin' it on the beach or getting crafty at camp, we've got the deets on how to get the guy—and the perf moment to snag that first kiss.




Dress the part

Keep it cool in the trendiest warm-weather wear, from fabulous florals to boho beauty.  




WARNING: may contain nuts!

One GL girl shares the struggles of having a serious allergy (Hint: It's not just avoiding PB + Js).






Pretty packages

How to sweeten up your snail-mail and be the Best. Penpal. Ever.  




Easy summer dessert recipes

These crazy-cool cakes will be the prize of the picnic.







It's our Beach Reads Giveaway!

Score a totally amazing book every day this June—and enter to win 25 juicy novels from Harlequin Teen, plus a Mara Hoffman Horizon tote to pack it all in—a $500 value. Download our June giveaway calendar for entry details HERE






Win some seriously trendy BTS gear!

One fashionista hits the halls in A+ style when she scores a year's worth of denim (one new pair of blues every month) from Amethyst Jeans (0-13/XS/XL). Download our July giveaway calendar for entry details HERE.



Website mentions in June/July 2015:       
So where'd you take your GL?  
Pose with your new issue (or snap a selfie) and it could appear in our next issue! Just tag it with @girlslifemag and #GLgirl on Twitter or Instagram, or post it right here in the comments. 

BY GL ON 5/8/2015 8:49:00 AM

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Ahh, summer lovin'. Do you think summer flings can last?


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