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Check out the new issue of Girls' Life starring Isabela Moner!

Our amazing December/January holiday issue starts hitting newsstands and mailboxes on November 11! Here's a peek at what you'll find inside...

The legends of Isabela Moner go far beyond the kick-butt, action-filled Nickelodeon movie she stars in this month. In her cover story, the Legends of the Hidden Temple actress spills details from the set of the adventurous flick—and you won't believe the secrets she revealed to us in this exclusive clip. Isabela also tells all on the crazy thing she had to do for Transformers: The Last Knight (yeah, she stars in that too—NBD), what it's like being a big sis on-screen and IRL *and* her plans for a bright and beautiful 2017, which may or may not involve learning how to lick her elbow, a trick she's tried but has yet to master—check out the video coming soon. 

Show us your GL! Want to see *your* face in the next issue? Take a pretty picture of your issue (or snap a selfie with the Isabela cover!) and tag it with #GLIsabela and #GLgirl. Your snap might appear in the February/March edition!

Essential entertainment for your holiday break
Sammi Sanchez (the one to watch), Garrett Clayton (Hairspray Live!), Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life (well, duh) and 14 other things you must see, listen to and do this break. From TV shows to games and movies to books, consider this your one-stop shop for everything 2017 entertainment.

Puffer, please!
Trending: A look that's just as much fashion as it is function. From fur-trimmed vests to full-on jackets, the puffer look is tailor-made for everything in your closet—yes, even your NYE dress!

Better together
A busy bag + a cute cuff = a match made in heaven, because some accessories just work better in pairs. Every superhero needs a sidekick, right?

Haute holiday style, sorted
Gone are the days of ironic ugly holiday sweaters (with the exception of ugly sweater parties, of course). Instead, 'tis the season for suede, sweatshirts and sneaks mixed and matched for a party look that's equal parts chic and chill.

The cool kid
Turns out Sydney Sierota (Echosmith frontwoman and fashion-forward babe) has been doing more during her time off than recording a sophomore record with her band of bros. She designed an entire holiday collection with Hollister Co.—and we're giving you the chance to win some of Syd's fave pieces from it! Click HERE to enter!

Mad about metals
Think sequins, shimmer and silver accents are only acceptable for your bestie's holiday bash? Think again. We're revealing the best ways to style your metallic-touched sweaters, sequin shorts and chrome clutches. It's a look you'll want to rock around the Christmas tree *and* all year long.

New year, new look
All the rage: Glossier—and 16 other must-have trends and awesome essentials taking the beauty world by storm. Think: hi-tech hair dryers, luxe liners, arts-and-crafts accessories and so much more. Ditch your old products to make way for new.

Bold, beautiful brows
Cara Delevingne-inspired face-framers are all the rage—but how the heck does she actually achieve them? Get golden arches with our tips on tweezing and taming.

Red lips for *days*
If it's good enough for Taylor Swift, it's good enough for us. Just in time for your BFF's party, your aunt's annual gift exchange and your moment under the mistletoe, we're dishing on our fave scarlett lippies.

Bedazzled tresses
Turn heads this holiday by throwing a bit of razzle dazzle in your hair. Check out the best sparkling barrettes, bright bobbies, hair gems and more for maj mane inspo.

Kat declassified
Speaking of hair: The Shadowhunters star and "Girl On Fire" shares her path to strand confidence and why everyone should be proud of what makes them unique.

Finding the silver lining
Break-ups are the worst, but there *is* an upside to all that heartbreak: gaining insight and knowledge on what to do—and not do—when you find a new bae. Fellow GL girls spill on all the right things they learned from their own Mr. Wrong.

QUIZ! Are you on his radar?
Does he flash a smile as you walk by him in the hall, or does he stroll right past? Let us help you figure out if he's crushing back...or, um, if he doesn't actually know you exist.

Every holiday sitch = handled
The holidays are totally fun—except when they're not. That's why we're helping you through the ups and down of the season's greetings so that you can steal the show at and make the most of every festive fête.

Finding your voice
Cyberbullying is a terrible phenomenon—and no one knows it better than Rebecca Black. The 19-year-old YouTuber shares how she overcame her "Friday" bullies to find her voice and become the bright and talented budding pop singer she is today.

Cram like a champ
Sometimes, it's just inevitable—everyone procrastinates. Especially when you have that piano recital on Friday and a big volleyball game on Saturday—right before Monday's big chem test. Good thing we know how to study efficiently so you can get the As you deserve without missing out on either! 

Dance the night away
Carrie Berk, once an aspiring dancer, found herself majorly conflicted when she fell out of love with ballet. But then she discovered that she had plenty more passions—and the dance went on. 

Your no-excuses exercise plan
Do you dread slipping on your sneakers to go for a run in the wintery cold? Never fear! These five fool-proof workouts will have you feeling fit without ever leaving your house.

2017 is about to get cray-cray—in a good way
We've got your to-do list for love, life and happiness—plus, the celeb sweetie you're *meant* to be with. Fingers crossed it's Ethan or Grayson Dolan...

PLUS: 60-second beauty tricks, the silly things you've just *got* to stop saying and a gift guide for every gal in your life. It's all in the latest GL. Snag your copy now!



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