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Sneak a peek at our Oct/Nov issue starring Peyton List!




*~*Check out what’s HOT in this issue*~*

On sale and in mailboxes September 16th




Peyton List's fun, fabulous life 

The Jessie star opens up about her next big project, dealing with mean girls and how to become an Insta star. 






Uncover new (fashionable) territory 

Set your sights on something shearling. Paired with Southwestern prints, you'll pioneer your way through this season's best new trend. 




Fall in love with autumn's wildly Western ways
From fringe to capes, you'll be claiming your status as a trend trailblazer. 






7 ways to go awesomely edgy this fall 
Dark hues don't have to be daunting. We're showing you how to score the Lorde look without getting scary.






Find your perf jacket

It's the one piece that can elevate every outfit. Meet your new closet BFF!






Try out autumn's hottest hair

Learn how to pull off this season's tress trends and rock the hallways right. 



Need help on starting a convo with your crush?

The secrets to sparking chitchat with that cutie at school.






Should you be scared of sugar? 

The sweet stuff is in everything from your morning cereal to your lunchtime salad dressing to your spaghetti sauce at dinner. But how bad is it really? We give you the truth and share ways you can cut down (even if you think you are hopelessly hooked).




What to do about HER 

You aren't the only lady in your guy's life: How to handle his mom, his sister and, yep, even his ex.  






Do thin girls get a bad rap?

Here's why you should think twice before commenting on another girl's thigh gap. 






Orange is the new black  

We're crushing on coral - and all the sister shades in the spectrum.




Babysiting 2.0

Learn how to upgrade your sitting skills so you can start hauling some major cash flow, stat.






Cozi Zuehlsdorff shares exactly what's behind her smile

Let’s just say it involves Dolphin Tale 2 (in theaters Sept. 12).







It's our Boots and Jackets giveaway! 

Gear up with some new kicks and totally awesome toppers PLUS Sugar Shoes is giving one girl (and her BFF) brand new boots and a $200 gift card! Download our October giveaway calendar for details HERE.






Score TWO 23-inch LED HDTVs!

Head's up, TV watchin' gals: you could score not one, but TWO 23-INCH LED HDTVs from Sceptre! Watch all your fave TV shows whenever you want in high def (doesn't get better than that!). Be sure to check out the September giveaway calendar for entry details HERE.




Website mentions in October/November 2014:

Page 6: Behind the scenes: Learn how to land Peyton List's metallic cover look

Page 9: GL’s Fabulous Fall Finds Don’t miss your chance to win a bundle of fun goodies

Page 20: Best New Trend: Shearling

Page 22: Cute Cheap: Boots 

Page 23: Overalls on overdrive 

Page 35: Teen Read Week Book Club: Seven lit lovers score a stash of sweet must-reads 

Page 62: How to make monster spray for bedtime 

Page 63: Not quite sure if babysitting is your thing? Take this quiz to find out! 
Page 79: 
Practice a little witchcraft and DIY your way to a wickedly cute Halloween 


BY GL ON 9/5/2014 12:00:00 AM

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