Declutter for Dollars

With summer just around the corner, score some quick cash and clean space for all your hot-weather to-dos. The rising temps means tons o’ peeps are outdoors on the prowl for awesome bargains.
Spend this weekend, enjoying the fresh air, clearing out your clutter and making some serious green by hosting a garage sale. Check out our tips to make your sale a total hit.
Clean Queen
Sort through your room and look for things you don’t use or need. Shoes you’ve grown out of, dolls you don’t play with and old games that have been collecting dust are all good things you can sell. If you’re finding it hard letting go, just think about all the space that you’ll be making in your room for new things that you will actually use.

Don’t forget to ask your fam for merch, too! The more things you have, the more people will stop ‘n’ shop.

Tag It
Once you’ve gathered all your final goods, go through everything with your parents to make it’s A-OK for you to sell. Got the thumbs up? Start organizing things into different piles to assign prices and tags. Make sure your prices are reasonable. Sure you bought those jeans for a fortune, but after wear and tear, you’ve got to admit they’re just not worth what you paid.

Attention, Please
Now that you’ve got stuff for your mini shop, how are ya gonna get buyers? To make sure people know about the sale, whip up some signs to hang around your neighborhood. Use bright poster boards to catch people’s attention, post on popular street corners where people can easily see and make sure to include the date and location. You can even make cute arrows to help lead them in the right direction.

Sell, Sell, Sell!
On the day of the sale, lay everything out neatly by category—clothes and shoes in one spot, toys and games in another. If people try to get you to lower the price on your item, don’t feel intimidated. Instead, do a little bit of back and forth till you can reach a price both of you are satisfied with. Remember, you’re not using the merch anyway, so don’t be reluctant to compromise.

Wanna up the cashflow? Have a friend or a sibling run a lemonade stand next to the garage sale. Not only will it draw more people to the sale, but you’ll also earn more money.

Give Back
Once the sale is over, consider donating the things that no one bought instead of storing them back into your house or garage. Places like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are always looking for used goods, and you’d be doing your part to give back.

Count up those dollars and totally feel proud at how much you’ve made. If other people contributed to the garage sale (sold their items, ran the lemonade stand), make sure you give them a share of your earnings too.


by Ryan deLara | 2/1/2016