Score your dream internship with these 5 easy tips

OK, we know you haven't even had a chance to take a moment to chill after midterms, but *now* is the perfect time to start thinking about what you'll be doing this summer. "Internships are an amazing way to kick-start your future," says Lauren Berger, CEO of "They can help you digure out wehre your interst truly lie."

Ready to take control of your future? Follow these steps to landing the perfect gig.

Intern intel #1: Get going
When you’re looking to land a gig, exhaust *all* resources. Start by chatting with your guidance counselor, who may know of companies that have previously hired interns in your area. Also, don’t underestimate social media for listings. “Many bloggers, creators and companies post about their intern hiring needs on Insta,” Berger shares. “So follow your favorite brands and keep watching!” You also can DM a brand ambassador to ask about internship programs. A quick message could lead to so much more.

Intern intel #2: Consider your talents
Not sure what kind of internship to aim for? Think about what you’re good at and passionate about. “Your job should be at the intersection of those two areas,” says Berger. Say you love animals and writing: An internship in the PR department of a nearby pet shelter might be ideal for you. And remember, just because you do one internship in a certain field doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck there forever. So explore!

Intern intel #3: Talk with everyone you know
And we mean everyone: Your parents, teachers, family members, the parents of the kids you babysit. Let them know you’re looking for an internship. Putting yourself out there increases your odds of finding something, since you never know who might know someone who has your dream job. And if you get a recommendation? Be persistent and get contact info so you can reach out straightaway. Shoot that person an email and ask if you can meet up or chat about a potential position. Even if the job doesn’t work out, you’ll still gain valuable experience in being assertive.

Intern intel #4: Research like crazy
Be sure to take the time to really get to know the companies you’re contacting. “It’s important to show you truly understand the business,” says Joan Kuhl, the career pro behind the training agency Why Millennials Matter. Study their website, check their social feeds and run a quick Google search to see if they’ve been in the news. Make a call to the human resources department to find out the day-to-day of an intern and what kind of experience they’re looking for. Then, brainstorm how you fit the bill. Even if you’ve never had a real job, you may have the skills they’re seeking—like updating their social media pages (um, how often do you tweet each day?). Don’t forget: Volunteer work counts! And speaking of volunteering...many internships are unpaid, so don’t ask about money unless they bring it up first.

Intern intel #5: Your cover letter is key
Fact: An unimpressive—or unprofessional— cover letter will send your application to the reject pile pronto. Stand out by writing a few clear, concise paragraphs (pro tip: don’t go over one page!) outlining what skills and experience you’ll bring to the office. A good rule to follow? “Include five reasons you’d make a great intern— besides the fact that you are a fan of their work,” shares Berger. Then head over to for more tips on how to make your resume sparkle in a flash.

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by GL | 5/10/2019