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The pros and cons of having your birthday near the holidays.

Are you a December 25 baby? What about January 1? If your birthday falls on a holiday, you're probably familiar with the mixed bag of emotions it brings. Read on for the pros and cons!


Pro: You'll never be alone on your birthday.

Holiday time means family time, and that means you'll always have someone to spend your birthday with. Plus, your family members are likely the people who care about you the you really can't complain, right?

Con: You never get to celebrate your birthday with your friends.

Spending your birthday with your family is great and all, but that also means that you'll never be able to spend it with your besties. Sure, you can have a party the following weekend, but the day of? Not so much. 


Pro: You get double the presents.

Double the celebrations means double the gifts! Your siblings and cousins are probably *so jelly* that you always have the biggest pile.  

Con: You have to wait an entire year to get that one thing you truly desire.

Whether it's a new iPhone, purse or perfume on your list, it's a looonnggg haul to the next birthday/holiday season. 


Pro: People will always remember your birthday.

Once you're identified as "the girl who was born on Christmas," get ready for texts galore! A memorable date = lots of love

Con: Your birthday can feel overshadowed by the holidays.

Your birthday should be a time to celebrate you and only you. The only problem is that everyone else on the planet is celebrating some form of festivity that's related to the end of the year.


Pro: Thank you notes are a breeze.

Thank you notes are necessary, but can be such a hassle.  Having your birthday near the holidays, however, means that you can say thank you for all of the gifts you received in one letter, and call it a day.

Con: You have to shop for other people on *your* big day.

Remembering your mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, friends, etc. is great, but can a girl get a minute to be selfish on her birthday please?!


Pro: You'll have the best dessert spread ever.

The holidays are prime time for tasty treats, and whether it's your grandma's famous sugar cookies or Moose Munch, we bet your sweets setup is the best of the year. 

Con: The cake, not so much...

Green and red decorations are great for the holidays, but who on earth wants them on their birthday cake?

Are you a holiday birthday girl? Tell us how you deal in the comments!


by Grace Nardei | 12/9/2019